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Joe Pivetti is a doodler

I am a born doodler (I miss the Pictionary craze of the 90's).  I am not patient enough to CAD or even use a straight edge so I even doodled professionally (some contractors accused me of using crayons for construction drawings but they still built what I drew).

First doodles (Stories by Joe Spaghetti)

Here you will find posie that I wrote when the boys were younger and I was inspired by Dr. Seuss...StoriesByJoeSpaghetti.

New doodles

I plan to keep doodling with prose for fun and put some here...new-doodles, newer-doodles-two, newer-doodles-three, newer-doodles-four, newer-doodles-five, doodles-six and a-little-darker-doodle-or-two.

Joe Sketches

Over the years I've started some projects with rough dimensional sketches which Judi calls "Joe sketches"...joe-sketches.


I might have some technical drawings in my professional site (later)...jp4engineering.com.


"What if God planned the Universe on the back of a napkin?"
- Solomon Tall 8/8/2015)

more Tall-isms here

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