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Would you have no truck with me?

Bear walking backwards


I'm one last nail in a crumpled up pack
That'll soon get lit and burn into the black.

I'm two faces of a junior high medal:
One hopeful...and the other a back-pedal.

I'm three flights up a rickety stair
That once was stained but now has gone bare.

I'm four tires on a rusty old truck,
Not spared, goin' bald and down on my luck.

I'm a five finger discount at an all-night convenience store;
It's keepin' me fed, but I've been caught before.

I'm six feet under an unnaturally heavy burden.
Hopefully I'll unload it before they kick the dirt in.

I'm seven days in an ungodly long week.
I'll most likely survive it, along with the meek.
I'm on the eighth leg of an unexpected journey,
But with lots of idling, like on an untended gurney.

I'm the ninth life of an unlucky cat
With three plays, three stays and three whiffs at the bat.

I'm an uncertain ten-to-one bet.
It's too bad that the odds haven't bottomed out yet.

I'm in the eleventh hour of a critical choice
With no decision and losing my voice.

I'm waiting for twelve men and women who will decide on my fate;
In the mean time, I've judged myself guilty, but it's still not too late.

I'm made of a bakers dozen of fried sugar and fat,
But I'll try to become something healthier than that.

And now...if I can recall some of the good that I've done,
I might just make it back...to square one.
Once there were 500 pound brown bears all throughout California
(Ursus arctos californicus).
Some were furred with grizzly and gold tips.
Vaqueros pitted bears against bulls in the 1800's.
The Sonoma bear flag of the California Republic was hoisted in 1846.
The California gold rush of 1849 brought lots of men and guns
And the big bears were hunted and/or shot on sight.
UC Berkeley adopted the golden bear as the school symbol in 1895.
A large black California grizzly named Monarch was captured by Hearst's men in 1889
And put in a bear pit in San Francisco for 22 years,
Then he was euthanized, stuffed and mounted for the California Academy of Science
(Where he resided there in Golden Gate Park until 2003).
In 1922 Golden bear sportswear was established and a Fresno farmer shot the last golden bear.
Jack Nicklaus was nicknamed the golden bear in 1960.
The Huntington Beach golden bear night club was demolished in 1986.
The golden bear galactic-forest rock band was formed in 2007.
Biologists have now determined that all grizzly and brown bears are the same species
And plan to import Rocky Mountain grizzly bears to northern California
To beef up the herd.
Go Bears.
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"Hungry mercenaries need to employ fortune cookies."
- Solomon Tall (2/23/2016)

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