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Snapshots page 14 added in February, 2019.  12 more haiku added in December 2018.  Added a new doodle page 6 in November 2018.   Appalachia: a long list of crazy (and not so crazy) app ideas. 12 haiku poems added in 2018.  Added 24 more snaps of Judi's Garden Page 15 and Judi's Garden Page 16.  Added 4 pages of photos taken in Cambria, Harmony, Huntington Beach and Yosemite (6/2018).  Added 24 more snaps of Judi's Garden Page 13 and Judi's Garden Page 14.  Added more snapshots and another doodle page October 2017.  In April 2017, up went a page full of photographs that my dad, Chuck, shot on our 1994 trip to Holland, Paris and Provence
Spaced Out

[doodles pg. 6]

Crazy long list of app ideas
Haiku pg. 1

[photo by M. Pivetti]

Haiku pg. 2
Judi's Garden pg. 15, pg. 16

pg. 13
pg. 14
pg. 13

Snapshots pg. 14
pg. 3

pg. 4
pg. 5
Snapshots pg. 12

Morro Bay

[doodles pg. 5]
Snapshots pg. 11

Olympic Peninsula

Dr. Jones I Presume

[doodles pg. 4]
Zoey shoot pg. 1

Zoey shoot pg. 2
Kobe photo shoot


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"The Markle sparkle is a lot like the Merkel sperkle but the duchess has less e's in speech."
-Solomon Tall (12/1/2017)

"Mr. Bill's antics led to most of .gov having homely pages."
-Solomon Tall (8/1/16)

"Before the Big Bang came the Super Dense Singularity and it really sucked for most of us."
- Solomon Tall (7/7/2015)

more Tall-isms here

ΦL - I miss you bro

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