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Photos follow this "Stay at Home" bike ride route (scroll down) in Surf City USA (Huntington Beach, California)

Push the play button to animate the ride and see notations.

Heil Leg from Edwards to Saybrook via Gum Lane, Carr Park, Meadowlark Golf Club and Harbour View Park.  Gibbs Park on east bound return from islands towards Bolsa Chica.

Edinger Leg from Saybrook to Hog Island via Edinger bike path and Huntington Marina (furthest west portion of marina is Seal Beach and hosts Sheriff's boat slip).
Trinidad Island boasts four parks, row-yak launching, and a bike and dog friendly slip-side public walk-way from Trinidad Park to French Park.
Humboldt Island has a popular mini beach park, a private beach and a menagerie house on Carousel Lane.  After stay at home orders were lifted, and schools let out, the mini beach park became packed with sunning and swimming teens.
Davenport Island offers few channel views but has long ride-able streets with little traffic and few dog walkers.  You can see the island from the Harbour Marina (bottom right of map) despite the large boats and parking lot fence.
Bolsa Chica from Graham to Talbert via access trail with pumping station and wetlands and headland multi-purpose trails (some are gravel with skinny dirt paths grooved by prior cyclists)
Talbert Leg from Bolsa Chica to Edwards via Central Park, including the new senior center with garden art and a couple of drainage channels with wildlife.

Alternate route from Davenport Island to Bolsa Chica Wetlands to right.  Next are two images from the Brightwater Trail north of Bolsa Chica, and finally, one image of Irby park that offers a hard packed multi-purpose loop abutting our older, conventional city mini-park.


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During the COVID-19
pandemic, my gym closed,
and to facilitate calorie flux
management, I increased my
bicycling effort.  I wanted
routes with minimal exposure
to people and, at least, some
scenery to look at, so I took
to riding out to a local marina
and harbor islands.  I also
road out to the Bolsa Chica
Wetlands, which offer some
multi-purpose trails that were
not crowded on weekdays.
From the south end of Bolsa
Chica it's a fairly level ride to
Huntington Beach Central
Park West which includes a
trail around a large pond that
is rimmed by Cormorant
rookeries.  And sometimes,
just to add some distance,
I would ride around our hard
packed multi-purpose trail
right around the corner from
my house in Irby Park.  A
route is plotted to the right
that shows distances and
elevation changes.  It isn't
perfect because not all of the
bike trails are included in
Plot-a-route.com's data base
but it's close enough.  Map
details and snap shots from
the rides are below.

House near Heil

Butterfly Park Snapshots

More Marina Snapshots

More Trinidad Island Snaps

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More Davenport Island Snaps

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