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I love to listen to new music.  I love to listen to old music.  Music recording dates back to 1894 and some of it was well done then but fidelity really didn't improve until the 1930's so I won't list anything from before then.  I hope you find time to listen to a track or two from this list, or better yet an album or two, since my listening list is based more on album strength than on singles strength.  I enjoy singles sometimes, especially from a good theme compilation or playlist but I formed my taste in music in the AOR (Album Oriented) 80's.

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Artist Album Comment Date
Noah Cyrus The End of Everything I didn't know Hanna Montana's little sister could sing but she does and with some sultry bass drops:  Ghost, I Got So High I Saw Jesus, Young and Sad, and July are all stand out. 6/20
Alec Benjamin These Two Windows Alec's added songs to his 2020 Narrated For You EP for this full length album: Match in the Rain, and I'm Not a Cynic. 6/20
Kygo Golden Hour Kygo kills it again on this 2020 production that includes Lose Somebody, Feels Like Forever, Could You Love Me, Follow, Like It Is, and I'll Wait (the Sasha Sloan September 16th song). 6/20
Various Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1 Snake Oil Diplo produced a bunch of good songs on this poorly titled 2020 pop album that includes some western notes but is mostly urban: Lonely, On Mine, Real Life Stuff, Heartless and Old Town Road. 6/20
HAIM Don't Wanna This 2020 pop EP features the hot title track, Now I'm In It, and Hallelujah. 6/20
Kendell Marvel Solid Gold Sounds Cadillac'n!!!! 6/20
Devon Allman Ride or Die I missed this 2016 southern rock album when it came out but Lost and Butterfly Girl remind me of Devon's dad. 6/20
Dori Freeman Every Single Star This gentle 2019 country album features That's How I Feel, Like I Do, Go On, and 2 Step. 6/20
Jon Bryant Cult Classic This 2019 soft pop album has some crooning on Paradise, 5 Years, Superstition, and At Home. 6/20
Lady Gaga Chromatica The Lady didn't leave me especially Gaga with this 2020 pop offering but I enjoy Stupid Love, Rain On Me, Free Woman and Enigma. 6/20
Keith Greeninger Human Citizen This 2020 Americana album features some tasty guitar and nice songs like She Moves Me, Hey Ol' Man and the title track. 5/20
Brandy Clark Your Life is a Record This 2020 Americana album includes the heartache of Pawn Shop and Apologies. 5/20
Linda Ronstadt Misc. Linda had a true voice and sang western oriented rock and pop with ease including Blue Bayou, It's So Easy, Heat Wave, You're No Good, Blowing Away,  Desperado, Hurts So Bad, I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine, Just One Look, Ooh Baby Baby, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Roll Um Easy, Tracks of My Tears and Tumbling Dice. 5/20
Thomas Rhett Center Point Road This pop leaning 2019 country album features Up, Blessed, Look What God Gave Her, Center Point Road and That Old Truck. 4/20
Sasha Sloan Self Portrait This overlooked 2019 pop EP features Thoughts, Thank God, Keep On, Dancing With Your Ghost, and smiling when i die (dunno y the lowercase). 4/20
Lilly Hiatt Walking Proof This 2020 country-ish acoustic album features Candy Lunch, Brightest Star, Never Play Guitar, and Move. 4/20
Caitlyn Smith Supernova This 2020 soft pop album can Put Me Back Together even if I Don't Want to Love You Anymore when it's Midnight in New York City and you Feel That Way. 4/20
Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia This 2020 pop album takes off with Don't Start Now then gets Physical and starts Levitating.  4/20
Mandy Moore Silver Landings You might be thinkin' "Mandy Moore?" but this 2020 pop album is pretty good including I'd Rather Lose, Trying My Best Los Angeles, and Easy Target. 3/20
Kelsea Ballerini kelsea This 2020 pop and country album, features Love and Hate, The Way I Used To, and LA (Los Angeles, not Louisiana this time) 3/20
Darling West We'll Never Know Unless We Try This tasty 2020 Americana has songs that Make It Last even if you Can't Help It along the River even if you Try with True Friends and then Hold On.  3/20
Little Big Town Nightfall This professional 2020 country album features Next to You, Nightfall, Problem Child, Bluebird and Trouble With Forever. 3/20
Katie Pruitt Expectations It's hard to classify this poppy 2020 album but if you have Expectations, then your Grace Has a Gun. 3/20
Hal Ketchum Past The Point Of Rescue This stellar 1991 country album featured Small Town Saturday Night, Past the Point of Rescue, and I Know Where Love Lies (and it's not at some beach house in Montserrat). 2/20
Alec Benjamin Narrated For You Young Alec followed up this 2018 pop album featuring a very catchy Swim with the lesser (but better known) 2020 single Oh My God. 2/20
Lady Antebellum Ocean This 2019 country album includes What If I Never Get Over You, Pictures, On A Night Like This and a nice title track. 1/20
KONGOS 1929, Part 2  I don't know why it's titled 1929 because this is 2019 (albeit, Part 2): I'll feel it In My Chest when we Push and We're Almost Home. 1/20
Old Dominion Old Dominion This self-titled 2019 country album can Make It Sweet so I'll Roll and Never Be Sorry. 1/20
Miranda Lambert Wildcard The reigning queen of country in 2019 is Way to Pretty for Prison and nothing makes her feel like Tequila Does. 1/20
Camila Cabello Romance This pop album includes the 2019 chart topping Senorita (I love it when you make me margaritas), as well as Liar, Easy and Cry For Me. 1/20
Trigger Hippy Full Circle & Then Some This 2019 Americana/Country album features vocals from Amber Woodhouse and Ed Jurdi (unfortunately Joan Osborne quit): Strung Out On the Pain, Born to Be Blue, Goddamn Hurricane, Low Down Country Song and Paving the Road. 1/20
Tedeschi Trucks Band Made Up Mind, High & Mighty, Signs These bluesy southern rock albums one from 2013 and two from 2019 and give you a Made Up Mind, Do I Look Worried, It's So Heavy, Calling Out to You, High & Mighty, When Will I Begin, and They Don't Shine 12/19
Lauv how i'm feeling Another very good pop album from Lauv in 2019 featuring Sims and Feelings. 12/19
Celine Dion Courage It was good to listen to a new Celine album in 2019 where she has me Flying On My Own, gathering Courage, and allowing me to Change My Mind. 12/19
Emmylou Harris Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town Emmylou had many a hit on this 1978 western pop album: Two More Bottles of Wine, Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight, I Ain't Living Long Like This, and Burn That Candle. 12/19
Bonnie Raitt Home Plate (1975), Sweet Forgiveness (1977), Nine Lives (1986), Nick of Time (1989) The queen of slide guitar pop-rock, Bonnie belts it too:  Good Enough, Fool Yourself, Sugar Momma, Thing Called Love, Love Letter, Runaway, Gamblin' Man and But a Fool.  She also can be blue: I'm Blown Away, Nobody's Girl, Louise, and Home. 12/19
Vera van Heeringen Won't Be Broken A 2019 Americana album That was Waiting a While for a Sleep Song but Won't Be Broken. 11/19
The Brevet
Featuring Irvine, California, "guruitarist" John Kingsley (he was our yoga instructor for two months before they went on tour), this 2018 ZZ-Topian  rock album is modern but with some throwback flavor.  Dig John's riffs on So Long, Gateway Drug, and All You Need to Know. 11/19
Michaela Anne Desert Dove This 2019 Americana album warms One Heart, Child of the Wind, By Our Design, and City Dove. 11/19
Michael Buble
It's Time
This stand-out 2005 jazz album starts with five solid songs: Feeling Good, A Foggy Day, You Don't Know Me, Quando, Quando, Quando, and the big hit, Home. 11/19
Brother Slade Sun's Gettin' to My Head A very good Americana/Country album from 2018 featuring Sun's Getting to My Head, I left Georgia, and Living in Slow Motion. 11/19
The Highwomen The Highwomen Their Redesigning Women heads a Crowded Table and earns them Loose Change. 10/19
The Brothers Landreth 87 Soulful Americana with Something, Good Love and Master Plan. 10/19
Sheryl Crow Threads Duets include Live Wire, Flying Blind and Tell Me When It's Over 10/19
Caamp By & By Americana featuring No Sleep and Huckleberry Love 10/19
Various Singles Recent singles I enjoyed include Senorita by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, The Big Unknown by Sade, Dusty Old Man by Tift Merritt, It All Comes Out in the Wash by Miranda Lambert, Pony by Leon Bridges, Ur So Beautiful by Grace VanderWaal, Dili Le Gayi by DJ Prashant, Red & White & Gold by Aoife O'Donovan, Flying On My Own by Celine Dion and Love & Affection by Three Houses Down 9/19
Andy Grammer Naive More pop featuring Found You, I Am Yours and Best of You. 9/19
Ed Sheeran Number 6 Collaborations A slew of good duets produced by the British crooner includes Beautiful People and Way to Break My Heart. 9/19
Freya Ridings Freya Ridings Riding a deep sultry voice, Freya delivers several pop hits including Castles, Love Is Fire and Ultraviolet. 9/19
Salvatore Manalo Salvatore A hidden gem of rock from 2018. 8/19
Tina Arena Quand Tout Recommence and Eleven Tina's french effort of 2018 is tres magnafique but her 2015 album goes all the way to Eleven! 8/19
Lucie Silvas EGO and Lucie Silvas The 2018 follow-up album to Lucie's excellent self-titled 2015 debut EP is gold from beginning to end. 7/19
Andy Grammer Naive Full of good Grammer, this album contains several songs that could stick to ya, including I Found You and I Am Yours. 7/19
Travis Ehrenstrom Northwest Americana This 2019 Americana EP is a Wild Flame, Waiting for a River to heal us all! 6/19
The Head and the Heart Living Mirage All I can say about this 2019 pop album is WOW!  See You Through My Eyes, Missed Connection, People Need a Melody, Brenda, Up Against the Wall, and I Found Out make the whole album highly repeatable. 6/19
NCT 127 We Are Superhuman 2019 Korean boy band EP with better than expected vocals including Highway to Heaven that is partly in English. 6/19
Pink Hurts 2B Human This 2019 pop album asked with a Hustle, Can We Pretend, but it's nice to have it Walk Me Home. 6/19
Shoebox Letters Bender This 2019 Americana album takes you on a Bender and has Something That Doesn't Stick and leaves you in a State of Grace. 5/19
Various Artists Songs for Standing Rock A good collection of Americana on a 2017 benefit album. 5/19
Silver Silver A little known great western rock album from 1976. 5/19
Owl City Cinematic Hey, thanks for the Fiji Water. 4/19
Cold Heart Revival Over the Water & Time Stamp Lovely People and Inch By Inch on 2017's Over the Water are good Americana songs.  The older album is also nice. 4/19
Yola Walk Through Fire Faraway Look and Love Is Light incorporate top notch song-writing, singing and production. 4/19
Ben Rector
Brand New
In June 2018 I enjoyed Rector's Magic EP and I blame myself for not listening to his 2015 album sooner because it's very good; Make Something Beautiful, The Men That Drive Me Places, Fear, Crazy, 30,000 Feet, Like The World Is Going To End and More Like Love are all outstanding.
Hugo Barriol - Young, Carly Rae Jepsen - Party for One, Darlingside - Eschaton, Flatland Calvery - Honeywine, Maren Morris - The Bones, Ben Platt - Grow As We Go, Jonas Brothers - Sucker, Pink - Walk Me Home, Rajery - Sola, Zedd & Katy Perry - 365 3/19
Florida Georgia Line Can't Say I Ain't Country
Feel good country music that's Simple (s.i.m.p.l.e) and about Women, and People Are Different, and tries to Talk You Out Of It. 3/19
Lily & Madeleine
Canterbury Girls
L&M sound good together throughout this album especially on Just Do It, Can't Help The Way I Feel, Analog Love, and  Supernatural Sadness. 3/19
Peggy Lee Jump for Joy This jazzy 1958 vocal album remains one of my favorite, especially the title track, Ain't We Got Fun and Listen to the Rockin' Bird. 2/19
Chelsea Basham I Make My Own Sunshine The title song of this 2013 Aussie country album is uplifting and 31 Degrees and Sunny is metric(al). 2/19
Lauren Daigle How Can It Be & Look Up Child The 2015 soft Christian pop album features fine vocalizations on every number.  Some of the songs are a bit slow for me but Lauren channels Adelle-like soulfulness on the title track, Trust In You, O' Lord and I Am Yours.  Her 2018 Look Up Child album also has some good gospel-like tracks in Still Rolling Stones, Your Wings, You Say and the title track. 2/19
The Damn Lonesomes The Bootleg EP This 2019 Americana trio EP has only four songs; each is a gem and If You Need Love shines. 2/19
Kawao Reggae's Coming 2012 Hawaiian reggae album featuring What Is Love and Fill My Cup 2/19
Ryan Hiraoka Hana Hou This is a nice 2017 Hawaii Nay reggae album with Plant a Seed Today, Rise Up, and Freedom. 2/19
Catherine Britt Boneshaker & Catherine Britt & the Cold Cold Hearts This Aussie Britt gave us Boneshaker, Happier Day and Working Class Man in 2015 and on the follow-up 2018 country album she gives us Red Dirt and The River & the Gum.
Fisk & Cristian The Big Picture A very Aussie 2005 country album that Feels Like Love with No Hat Required and a Neon Ceiling. 1/19
Brad Cox Brad Cox This 2018 country album includes Somewhere Like Cheyenne, Lake House and This Is Who I Am. 1/19
Adam Hood Somewhere in Between Adam sings about a Bayou Girl and the Easy Way on this twangy 2018 Louisianacana album. 12/18
Lauren Morrow Lauren Morrow This 2018 mountain EP includes powerful song about Viki Lynn. 12/18
OMI Me 4 U 2015 Hawaiian pop album features Cheerleader and Stir It 12/18
Anuhea Follow Me 2017 Hawaiian pop album featuring Right Now and Follow Me. 12/18
Brittni Paiva Tell U What Brittni made very nice smooth jazz with an electric ukele in  2012 (especially the title song). 12/18
Three Plus Honey Baby We fell in love with these songs when we vacationed in Hawaii in 1999: Two Person Party, Honey Baby, and Driving Me Pupule. 12/18
Club del Río Sustancia This 2018 latin-americana album features soulful  Remedios and brassy Solo Por Un Instante. 11/18
Santa Clara Silence is Overrated This 2015 pop album offers After Midnight and Arcadia. 11/18
Candy Apple Blue Powers Activate This 2018 machine pop includes Juno Dreams synthetic vocals on Awakening, Can't Stop Thinking of You and When You Decide to Vaporwave. 11/18
Tommy Gann Something Like Surrender This 2017 pop EP included Hero and Still Got You. 11/18
Nine Year Sister Nine Year Sister This 2018 soft pop duo album features Dear Sir, Seven Seas, Astronaut, This Show and Gentle Giants. 11/18
Linus from the Stars A Summer Diary EP You wouldn't know that this 2018 pop EP comes from Sweden by experiencing the First Day of June. 11/18
Twee Mango You wouldn't know that this 2017 pop album comes from Italy by listening to Swing It, No Pain and Cold Monday. 11/18
Lewis Capaldi BREACH This 2018 EP is half Tough and Someone You Loved. 11/18
Sabrina Carpenter Singular Act 1 I enjoyed all of this 2018 pop album, especially Paris and Diamonds Are Forever. 11/18
Troye Sivan Bloom This 2018 pop album features the title song and Dance to This.
Mandy Barnett Strange Conversation Mandy wants More Lovin', says It's All Right and has a Strange Conversation in this 2018 Mo-town sound album. 11/18
Pistol Annies Interstate Gospel The Annies don't need a pistol because the sorrow in these songs will kill ya: Best Years of My Life, When I Was His Wife, Leavers Lullaby, and Milkman. 11/18
Cold Heart Revival Time Stamp 1 EP & Over the Water The 2016 EP has A Broader View and the 2017 album is good listening from the King of Misfortune to Lovely People and Your Island. 11/18
The Blue Music The Blue Music & Tiny World The 2014 self titled EP is for Real Men who Can Save You and the smaller EP will Stay With Me because it's a Tiny World.
Alicyn Packard Heartbeat of the Universe This 2017 ukele EP includes I'll Always Be Your Friend and Tiny Hands, Tiny Heart. 11/18
Nile Rodgers & CHIC It's About Time A disco funk revival: Do You Wanna Party? 10/18
The Black Lillies Stranger to Me In 2018, the Lillies aren't really stranger and Out of the Blue sounds much like some of their previous melodic efforts, the Earthquake won't come as a surprise, and the River Rolls is a steady stream. 10/18
Helgi Björnsson Ég Stoppa Hnöttinn Með Puttanum This 2018 Icelandic album features smooth vocals, especially on Vængir. 10/18
Welshy Arms Welshy Arms, Legendary & No Place Is Home The self-titled 2015 blues-rock album from Cleveland features Love in a Minor Key and Night Prowler.  In Legendary we hear Who We Are. Their 2018 album is turned All the Way Up 'fore All for Us. 10/18
David Guetta 7 This 2018 production features star vocals put to Guetta's brand of electro-pop and house music.  At least half of the 24 tracks could be hit singles.  Try listening to tracks 1-4 and 10-14 to get started. 10/18
Amanda Jenssen Sånger från ön Swedish & English europop from 2015 including Vågar du va ensam, Dry My Soul, Ghost and Illusionist. 10/18
Sister Sadie Sister Sadie II A 2018 bluegrass offering that includes Jay Hugh and No Smoky Mountains. 10/18
Ruston Kelly Dying Star This album is a bit somber, sinking in Mercury, stabilized by Trying to Let Her, and raised in Jericho. 10/18
Kevin Galloway The Change This 2018 soft Americana album opens nicely with Don't It Feel Good to Smile, smoothly rides on for Miles and Miles, gets to The Change and ends with No More Toiling. 10/18
Hannah White Elephant Eye This 2018 gentle Australiacana album is full of soughs (generating tears large enough for an Elephant Eye).  Give a listen to track 9: Where Has All the Sharing Gone. 10/18
Lara Fabian Lara Fabian This 2000 album by Belgian Fabian has two hits in English: I Am Who I Am and I Will Love Again (she became better known later for her French hit Je T'aime). 9/18
Celine Dion The French Album The Acadian Vampire Queen's fully French album of 1995 features Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore, Regarde-Moi, and Cherche Encore. 9/18
Natasha St-Pier De L'amour Le Mieux Another excellent French Canadian album.  This one from 2002 featuring Tu Trouveras, Alors On Se Raccroche, On Peut Tout Essayer, and Toi Qui Manques a Ma Vie.  Natasha moved to France soon after and also works in Belgium. 9/18
Isabelle Boulay Etats d'amour 1998 French Canadian effort includes her hit Je t’oublierai, je t’oublierai. 9/18
Roch Voisine My Very Best Most of Roch's best are on this French Canadian 2014 compilation (mostly from around 2000 when Roch was a #1 hit in Quebec). 9/18
France D'Amour Nomade Another fine 2001 French Canadian album with Si c'était vrai, Toute ma religion, and J'ai Plus Ma Place. 9/18
Benoît Miron Nomade Fine 2001 French Canadian album with Nomade, Corps Accord, Loin de Tout, and De La Haine À L'amour. 9/18
Amanda Jenssen Killing My Lovelies 2008 pop album starts with five good tracks: For the Sun, Amarula Tree, Greetings From Space, Do You Love Me, and So Far Away. 9/18
Dave Barnes Who Knew It Would Be So Hard to Be Myself A 2018 non-twangy Americana album featuring the title track, Everything with Everything, and Want to Want You 9/18
Judy Blank My New Moon Judy does a number called Mary Jane, keeps going with Tiger Stone and almost ends up in the River Bed. 9/18
Kate Voegele Canyonlands 2016 brought this nice country-pop album from Topanga Canyon along that Crooked Road to Leave Me Hollywood. 9/18
Tom Rhodes The Old Pinole Sessions EP Every song is worth hearing on this sultry EP. 9/18
Claire Lynch Whatcha Gonna Do In 2009 country Claire had a Great Day in the Mornin', and That's What Makes You Strong 9/18
Kip Moore Wild Ones Kip is from Georgia but he sounds a lot like Australian Adam Brand on this fine 2015 country album. 9/18
Ana Egge White Tiger Ana Egge's not hard boiled but she is cookin' on Girls, Girls, Girls, I'm Goin' Bossa Nova, and In Tall Buildings 9/18
Eros Ramazzotti Eros Duets Tina Turner, Cher, Ricky Martin and Carlos Santana helped Eros make this a nice 2017 Italian pop album. 9/18
Della Mae This World Oft Can Be This 2013 album is one of my favorite Americana albums of the millennium.  I won't list the good songs because, like the Led Zeppelin IV album, that would be all of the songs. 9/18
Various Songs for Standing Rock These four 2017 benefit albums are mostly Americana songs like Templeton Thompson's Wishin' You Wings, Phoebe Hunt's Take Me Home and the Shook Twin's Shine On, but Lostboycrow's Rivers Run is a standout electro-pop number. 9/18
Benjy Davis Project Sincerely Randy Disher Project...no, wait, that's from Monk...its really the Benjy Davis Project with a nice acoustic set from 2011 featuring Slow Wind and Sweet Southern Moon. 8/18
Everette Slow Roll This country 2018 EP is sassy but I enjoyed Mugshots and Can't Say No. 8/18
Jason Eady I Travel On Jason's 2018 album is a twangy basso country album with Happy Man, Calavaras County, Below the Water Line, The Climb, and I Travel On. 8/18
Asia Phoenix This 2016 melodic rock album has 26 tracks and I guess that's getting your money's worth but I'd skip to the last song: An Extraordinary Life. 8/18
Asia Gravitas Asia is true to their roots on this 2014 melodic rock album that includes Valkyrie, I Would Die For You, and Till We Meet Again. 8/18
Solas All These Years Solas went Americana on this 2016 Celtic album that features Wandering Aengus and a very nice cover of Darkness Darkness. 8/18
Ace of Base The Sign This best selling 1993 pop album from a Swedish group that sang in English includes All That She Wants and The Sign. 8/18
Wilson Phillips Wilson Phillips Wilson Phillips' 1990 came out of nowhere.  Who knew these sisters had so much talent.  The whole album is easy to listen to but if I had to choose I'd start with the first two tracks, Hold On and Release Me then fast forward to the fifth track, You're In Love. 8/18
Bryan Adams Cuts Like a Knife This 1983 rock album was a big hit with lots of hits, including Straight from the Heart, Cuts Like a Knife, and The Best is Yet to Come 8/18
Various Artists

70's hit albums
(artists then made each album side flow - you could stack them on the phonograph spindle for one long continuous play - so give each whole album a listen) 
Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat 1971 and Tea for the Tillerman 1970, Al Stewart - Year of the Cat 1976 (esp 1,2,7,9) and Time Passages 1978, Wendy Waldman - Strange Company 1978, Elvis Costello - This Year's Model 1978 (esp 2,4,8) and My Aim Is True 1977 (esp 2,5,8,9), Rainbow - Long Live Rock'n'Roll 1978 (esp 2,3,5,8) and Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1975 (esp 1,4,6), Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn 1972 (esp 1,4,8) and On The Threshold Of A Dream 1969 (esp 1,2,6,7), Little Feat - Time Loves a Hero 1979 (esp 2,5,6,9) and - Feats Don't Fail Me Now 1974 (esp 1,2,5), Jefferson Starfish - Red Octopus 1975 (esp 1,2), Nuclear Furniture 1984 (esp 1,2) and Knee Deep in the Hoopla 1985 (esp 1,2,5), Asia - ST 1982 (esp 1,2), Boston - ST 1976 (esp 1),Ambrosia - ST 1975 (esp 3), Bob Welch - French Kiss 1977 (esp 1,7), Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti 1975 (esp 1,4,6,9,12,13,14) and IV 1971 (esp 1-8), Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 1973 (esp 1-4,14,17) 8/18

Baby Sisters Baby Sisters ‎– Légy A Partnerem 1999 Hungarian pop album featuring their hit Baby Sisters ‎– Légy A Partnerem. 7/18
Aeone The Woman's Touch, Window to a World Songs on these 90's English new age albums are all good but especially The Face of Africa, Aeone, The Woman's Touch and Men-an-Tol. 7/18
Beepop Vejen Er Åben and Beepop Danish pop from 1999 and 2000, these two albums are full of great harmonies: Mangler Dig Nu, Hvem Brænder Sig Her, Vejen Er Åben, Nu Er Jeg Paa Vej, New Power, and Ved Du Hvad Du Gør. 7/18
Avingarna Eloise The Swedish Beach Boys had a hit in 1993 with Eloise but the second track is better: En Sommar Med Dig. 7/18
Linnea Henriksson Linnea Henriksson Linnea's self-titled 2017 Swedish pop album is nicely produced and Säga Mig is a good power pop track. 7/18
Dan Bornemark TYP This will funk you up in Swedish with Den du e, Vilka kläder, and Hör på, hör på.  Höj volymen. 7/18
Pa Slaget 12 Hjerterne Fri This Danish pop group is Abba-like on Det Er Os To and Slingrer På Håbets Vej.  They get folksier on Fik Du Min Hilsen and Vi Har Hjerterne Fri.  Lyder godt. 7/18
Laura Pausini Fatti Sentire Laura's Italian pop is Fantastico, No River is Wilder, and L'ultima Cosa che ti Devo.  Molto bene. 7/18
CNCO CNCO 2018 Spanish boy band music is up-beat with Reggaetón Lento, Hey DJ, Mamita, and Demuéstrame, while Fiesta en mi Casa is a bit slower and a bit more soulful.  Mucho gusto. 7/18
Imogen Clark Collide 2018 country-pop featuring Collide and Oblivion (...let me in, oblivion, be my friend...). 7/18
Jill Barber Metaphora Jill Barber's smooth with The Woman, Girl's Gotta Do, Bigger Than You and Love Is (2018 pop-RnB). 7/18
Smooth Hound Smith Sweet Tennessee Honey Kind of foot stompin' yokel stuff except for the tasty Stone Blind cut. 7/18
Charli XCX Pop 2 Pretty good voice box electro-pop from2017, especially track 1 (Lucky), track 2 (Track 10) and track 10 (Out of My Head).  Her single Focus got me to listen to the album. 7/18
Billy Raffoul 1975 Titled 1975 but released in 1975, this EP is raspy as pop gets, especially For Ever. 7/18
Andy Grammer The Good Parts In 2017 the good parts of this Grown Ass Man album include the uplifting Give Love and Always. 7/18
Callaghan Skin on Skin, A History of Now Skin is a nicely orchestrated 2018 soft pop EP featuring Better Together.  A History of Now is an up-beat 2015 soft pop 2015 album with Crazy Beautiful Life, Best Year, and Free To Be (Happy). 7/18
Coco O'Connor Turquoise Surf country album from 2016 wakes up with Empty In California (in which she doesn't blame the San Andreas for their divide), lunch breaks with Angels Come, and brings it home on That Train. 7/18
Eleanor Friedberger Rebound A 2018 effort from a rootsy artist but drenched in 90's euro-pop (recorded in Greece).  I probably got hooked on The Letter with two glasses of wine, Jameson...but also enjoyed In Between Stars and Make Me a Song. 7/18
Orgone Undercover Mixtape Another great 2018 funk/fusion album. 6/18
Cookin' On 3 Burners Lab Experiments Mixin' Vol 1 A 2017 funk/fusion album.  More Than A Mouthful is a throwback to the seventies. 6/18
Ben Rector Magic An emotive 2018 pop EP (four good songs grouped on Spotify as a single). 6/18
Johnnyswim Goodbye Road A nice 2018 americana EP. 6/18
Rachel Baiman Shame Roots apace or chair rockin' make this a fun2017 album, especially Getting Ready to Start, Wicked Spell and Something to Lose. 6/18
Ashley Campbell The Lonely One A jazzy 2018 country album with We Can't Be Friends and Nothing Day. 6/18
Michael Ray Amos Another 2018 urban enfluenced country album with Forget About It, Girl From Spring Break and Drink One For Me. 6/18
Danielle Nicole Cry No More If Joyann didn't get you down then listen to Danielle's pounding blues in Cry No More, Poison the Well, Save Me and Pusher Man. 5/18
Joyann Parker Hard to Love With a Bourbon Street ensemble, Joyann makes you feel blue on Bluer Than You, Ray and What Happened to Me. 5/18
Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Shawn played at the 2018 royal wedding so I had to check out the hype...and Shawn can sing.  In My Blood is a hit and I also like Lost In Japan, Why, Mutual and the duet Like To Be You. 5/18
Ray LaMontagne Part of the Light Ray has another success with his 2018 rock album, especially the ballad Such A Simple Thing. 5/18
Dustin Lynch Current Mood This fairly urban country album from 2017 isn't very twangy and has a modern edge to it but includes I Wish You Were A Beer to stay true. 5/18
Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour A softer 2018 americana album featuring songs 6 and 7: Love Is A Wild Thing and Space Cowboy. 5/18
Lake Street Dive Free Yourself Up Another 2018 americana album but this one is less bluegrassy and more brassy.  You might enjoy songs 2 and 5: Good Kisser and Dude. 5/18
Dead Horses My Mother the Moon A bluegrassy 2018 americana album with plenty of mandolin.  Although nice throughout I especially enjoyed the sixth song: Darling Dear. 5/18
John Adams You Never Know Who's Listening A 2018 sweet soft pop album that includes Things That Make You Beautiful, Dandelion Wishes and Couldn't Get It Right. 5/18
Tiffany Alvord Legacy A youthful invigorating pop album from 2014. 5/18
Charlie Puth Voicenotes Featuring a fine duet with Kehlani entitled Done For Me, Charlie excels and not just because Ellen says so. 5/18
Young & Sick Ojai  A nice pop EP. 4/18
Leonie Meijer NJ123 A Dutch treat with some of it popping out in English. 4/18
Niels Geuesebroek Wildfire I was surprised that I had missed the release of this album in 2016 because Niels is a crooner and easy on the ears. 4/18
Kristy Cox Ricochet I haven't heard much new bluegrass recently and was pleased by this ricochet from Ms. Cox. 4/18
MILCK This is not the End No need to cry over spilt MILCK when you can listen to this proud pop. 4/18
Jaymes Young Feel Something Jaymes has that feeling again.  Up-tempo pop. 3/18
Benjy Davis Benjy Davis Benjy is a good (not so old) boy. 3/18
Jack Johnson All the Light Above It Too Some might say that this album sounds much like his earlier works but I say they don't know Jack.  This album is comfort food for the soul. 3/18
Eros Ramazzotti Perfetto Its easy to concentrate when good music is impossible to understand like this gem in Italian. 3/18
Angelique Kidjo Eve The first woman in African world music creates lots of upbeat music. 2/18
Leonie Meijer NJ123  I've been avidly awaiting another soft pop album from Leonie in english and this dutchwoman does not disappoint. 2/18
John Batdorf Next Stop Willoughby  Nice soft americana 2/18
ZZ Ward The Storm  Powerful pop blues. 2/18
Theo Croker AfroPhysicist Theo's 2016 Escape Velocity is a nice follow up to this well titled spacey 2014 jazz album. 1/18
Khalid American Teen A 19-year old urban youth who is proud to be American and ain't Young, Dumb and Broke (a great song but "young, dumb" sounds like Chinese food). 1/18
Shannon McNally Black Irish Shannon croons the black and blues. 1/18
Rachel Platten Wildfire This is a nice pop album from 2016 (as is her 2017 offering, Waves). 1/18

Hotting Up & Double Up

The members of this alternative rock reggae band met while growing up in Hawaii but didn't start jamming until they reunited in Santa Barbara.  They had a big hit with Time Bomb which they reprised on their recent acoustic album, Double Up, but I think that Hotting Up is a more complete album. 12/17

Dave Barnes Carry On, San Vincente A pop take on Americana with smooth instrumentals and vocals (ear candy). 12/17
Silent Letter
I found out that America has a Silent Letter and that it was recorded in Montserrat without their Peak singer/song writer due to the horse with no name.  This is more of a sentimental selection than a great America album. 12/17
Jackie Greene The Modern Lives Vol 1 Smooth Americana 11/17
Danny Medakovic Jolley Cut The title song and Gringo in Paradise are jolly songs. 11/17
Angela Perley & The Howlin' Moons Hey Kid
Hurricane really rocks, Athens really rolls and she's all over George Stone.
Lizzy Lehman A Place I Know You'll Love It starts with a Summer Song, gets Stranger, and then gets inside of you in The Arctic: "...I take care to stay way up here, connected to the machine, I am watching the Earth slowly disappear, what a beautiful, horrible thing..." 11/17
Gregg Allman
Southern Blood
Released posthumously, this is a fine southern rock and blues album by an all time great artist.  I Love the Life I Live and Love Like Kerosene are harder but just as good as My Only True Friend and Black Muddy River. 10/17
Eliot Bronson James Folksy pop music with occasional Pink-Floydian slide guitar. 10/17
Beth & James All In Life An easy pop EP. 10/17
Allison Pierce Year of the Rabbit Solid un-twangy Americana. 9/17
Miranda Lambert The Weight of These Wings A double album full of gems from the current queen of country including the pop Vice and Pink Sunglasses. 9/17
Surrender Hill Right Here Right Now A fine country album. 9/17
Train a girl a bottle a boat What's not to love about Train.  Their music keeps rollin'. 8/17
Ocean Park Standoff Ocean Park Standoff Electronic pop with a decent song We Do. 8/17
Ry Taylor Take Out Your Tongue Marimba-americana. 8/17
Lori McKenna Sweetheart of the Valley Lori moved from the east coast to the California central coast but she sounds more like a soulful earth loving mountain girl. 7/17
KT Tunstall KIN From Hard Girls to Love Is an Ocean this is another stand-out album from KT. 7/17
Fortunate Ones The Bliss Retro Fleetwood Mac sound 7/17
Boo Ray Sea of Lights Boo Ray sounds a lot like Kid Rock performing country rock. 6/17
Della Mae Della Mae Della Mae self titled album features strong trio vocals and good instrumentals leading off with Boston Town. 6/17
Amanda Shires My Piece Of Land Bluesy Americana in which Amanda sings about The Way It Dimmed and Mineral Wells. 6/17
Amy Macdonald Under Stars Celtic instrumentation in Americana folk music with Amy's strong vocals and no bagpipes. 6/17
Red Shahan Men & Coyotes Galleywinter says that this is a country album but it sounds like soulful southern rock to me.  "Nobody likes coyotes" is a true start to an album that continues on through some bottom land before rising aloft. 5/17
Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses Epilogue
 The album contains a good song, Come On in My Kitchen, which was one of the songs they performed at the Tucson street fair in March.  Unfortunately Don Gato isn't on any of their albums and that might have been the 2nd or 3rd best song of the concert.  We received directions to the stage from Petey Ronstadt's cousin Fred who runs the fair.  Tucson is home to many of Linda Ronstadt's relatives. 5/17

Cory Chisel Old Believers  A mix of smooth Americana and modern pop: Old Love is sentimental but I've Been Accused is anti-sentimental and Seventeen is plaintive. 5/17
Bronwynne Brent Stardust Bronwynne has an unusual voice that sounds best when her Heart's On Fire.  I guess that I'd call it "not so hard mountain rock". 4/17
Bob Woodruff The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain This album was originally recorded in Sweden where Americana is in high demand.  The title track, I'm Losing You, Stand In the Way and There's Something There are reminiscent of 70's western folk-rock. 4/17
Giusy Ferreri Hits Who doesn't like a little Giusy Italian pop music every now and then. 4/17
Sera Cahoone Deer Creek Canyon You might listen to Every Little Word to get the feel of this fine Americana album. 3/17
Reto Burrell Lucky Charm Half Your Love Is Fine is Reto's Lucky Charm. 3/17
Bean Rollercoaster Noelle Bean has a unique talent as a singer-song-writer.  I added her single Lois Lane to this EP for a good elliptical exercise listen. 3/17
The Paperboys At Peace With One's Ghosts Vancouver Latin hillbilly band with fine tenor vocals in English and Spanish, guitar, brass, strings, spatterings of fiddle and ocarina, and peppy percussion. 3/17
Derek Hoke Southern Moon Derek's tenor is like smooth southern whiskey. 2/17
Bonnie Bishop Free Honky-tonk piano accompanying gritty R&B vocals make a Bad Seed grow on you. 2/17
Emma-Lee Backseat Heroine Parts of this album have a good pop pulse and other parts are a bit bluesy. 2/17
Whitehorse Ephemere Sans Repere What could be more American than an americana album in French?  Not Quebecois as sung by Roch Voisine and Celine Dion but good ol' swampy Acadian style french-american vocalizations from Ontario, Ca (with Ca = Canada not California).  Who dat gonna beat dem Saints? 1/17
Vandella Shine You Up This pop album has Gold and another good Vandella tune is the single Couldn't Quit It. 1/17
Sarah and the Tall Boys A Lifetime Worth of Sin What a great band name (and I'm not just saying that because the Huntington Beach Holé Molé Mexican restaurant has tacos and tall boys on Tuesday nights).  And I like this album not just because it features another "Pearlescent" voice.  The album starts with driving vocals on Put On That Record and continues well into Get Liquored Up With Me. 1/17
Aoife O'Donovan In the Magic Hour I was introduced to Aoife when she was featured on a song on an Annalivia album and she sounded like a young Alison Krause.  High and breathy vocals give this album a nice gentle Celtic folk feel.  I'm a sucker for bowing backing soprano like on her live Lakes of Ponchatrain. 1/17
Derek Hoke Southern Moon A new album with a voice like Vince Gill singing songs like those written by Rodney Crowell.  Please give him a listen. 12/16
Kadhja Bonet Visitor This album is dripping sweet with Honeycomb and Gramma Honey but provides a good chill out (even icy) listening. 12/16
Jill Andrews War Inside This is a solid pop album featuring the hit song Get Up, Get on.  I searched for Jill's music after hearing her perform a great un-credited back-up vocal on an americana album and was pleased to find out that she is doing just fine on her own. 12/16
Sam Cooke The Man Who Invented Soul (What a) Wonderful World (It Would Be) is a "geometrically" solid soul classic and the other 95 songs are all also soulfully good (but maybe a bit much all at once). 12/16
Pierpoljak Kingston Karma This is my favorite reggae album even if I don't speak French.  November was a month of many so so songs and left me with only this one album for my listening list that is on its 24th month. 11/16
Good Lovelies Burn the Plan This trio reminds me a bit of a lean Wilson Phillips.  Like Aglukark, they're Canadian; that gives the vocals...je ne sais quoi.
[I later saw a photo of Michelle Phiilips (the last of the Mamas and Papas and Chynna Phillips mom) with a dog that is Zoey's twin.]
Humming House Revelries Revelrous americana, humming with upbeat tempo, this is a quintet put together with Nuts, Bolts, and Screws. 10/16
Susan Aglukark Blood Red Earth & This Child Enya-like soulfulness (but Inut instead of Celtic).  Her songs Citizens of the World and Shamaya will give you a good taste. 10/16
Mandy Barnett Mandy Barnett Phil Everly base and Patsy Cline vocals...well almost...feel good country music. 9/16
Jimmy Rankin Back Road Paradise No twang but it has to be country because of the fiddles, banjos and Whiskey When the Sun Goes Down. 9/16
John Batdorf Beep Beep Batdorf channels Glenn Frye with a sentimental west coast rock sound. 9/16
The Damn Quails Down the Hatch They damn well hatched a few good eggs on this album including one golden goose egg (that's a ten) in Fools Gold. 9/16
The Wood Bro's Smoke Ring Halo  You gotta move to Shoofly Pie.  The album is a ringing success. 8/16
KONGOS Egomaniac Take It From Me, its Where I Belong, in this all caps groovin' electropop. 8/16
Pokey LaFarge Something in the Water  There must be Something in the Water to get Pokey to time tunnel back to the days of ragtime and bring it back to a modern age. 8/16
Julie Rhodes Bound to Meet the Devil Julie Rhodes is Bound to Meet the Devil with her cool bluesy voice and production. 7/16
Dehlia Low Tellico and Ravens & Crows Good bluegrass albums. 7/16
Abby Owens Indiantown & 'Fore the Light Comes Rise and Shine is a feel good americana song on Indiantown.  It's Already Changed and Call Tonight will have you singing 'fore long with Abby. 7/16
Shannon McNally Small Town Talk Its not gospel but Shannon sings Jesus Save Me and sings for the Street People in an inspired tribute to Bobby Charles. 6/16
Cyndi Harvell Heartache & Revolution Cyndi sings of an Avalanche, Burn the House Down love and about not being a Passenger.  Solid country music. 6/16
Abbie Gardner Hope Abbie works the steel guitar well on Walkin' Cane and gets that steel to sigh along with her voice on Too Soon.  Bluesy americana. 6/16
Hot Club Sandwich Concrete Block Motel Australiacana with humor and Aussie country instrumentation. 6/16
Gwill Owen Gravy Gwill's "buyin' everybody a Cadillac" 5/16
Chris Stapleton Traveller Heartfelt country with a soulful voice 5/16
Colbie Caillat Gypsy Heart Pop 2014 album from one of Judi's favorites 4/16
Christina Grimmie With Love Pop 2013 album from The Voice contestant.  [6/11/16 addenda - 22 year old Christina was murdered at a post-concert signing session by a nut who then shot himself.  Its sad to think that deserved fame and publicity paints a target on talent.] 4/16
The Decemberists What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World A strong album from beginning to end with standout songs Cavalry Captain and Make You Better (and the melody will get you through the tawdry lyrics of Philomena). 4/16
Chimene Badi Au dela des amux Les plus belles chansons francophones avec belle orchestration. 4/16
Abby Owens Indiantown Abby's strings and bluegrassy voice are melodically inviting. 4/16
John Connolly  The Wind A fine americana EP. 4/16
Manda Mosher City of Clowns (EP) Any album is better when refinery lights are mentioned in a nicely instrumented cover song like State Trooper. 4/16
Little Mix Get Weird This pop girl band is well produced and the album contains up-beats and a secret love song (in two parts). 3/16
Ruelle and Spelles Up In Flames & Spelles Ruelle's Up In Flames is the theme song for the fantasy Shanara Chronicle series with magic but not Spelles.  Lots of good eerie synth pop. 3/16
Jasmine Thompson A Bundle of Tantrums and Another Bundle of Tantrums Born in 2000 and went pro in 2013.  These albums are both well sung.  Her acclaim is supposedly an eerie voice but I find it maturing from breathy to pure voice. 3/16
Bobby Caldwell Cool Uncle Jazz/pop (more great keyboards, arrangements and vocals from Bobby) 2/16
Dangermuffin Songs of the Universe Americana 2/16
Big Kettle Drum Lock and Key Americana/swamp rock 2/16
Merle Haggard I Am What I Am & Working In Tennessee Good albums after the Bake Town boy survived lung cancer (Merle's voice is a bit haggard but clear and strong on Truck Driver's Blues and the instrumentals are classy).  I liked that Merle wrote a song about the joy of house boating on Lake Shasta (my folks like it too). 1/16

Anderson East Delilah Satisfying Memphis RnB from Miranda Lambert's new better beau (after Blake Shelton split for pop artist Gwen Stefani) 1/16
Red Molly James Americana 1/16
Los Cenzontles Raza De Oro Mariachi, mandolin and Ry Cooder 1/16
Mipso Dark Holler Pop Mountain americana 1/16
KC Clifford Orchid Americana (considering the songs on this album like Redman perhaps this music is native americana) 1/16
Clare Dunn Clare Dunn This little county girl can rock it (all good songs on this EP) 12/15
Will Hoge Small Town Dreams Country rock (Guitar or a Gun) 11/15
Surrender Hill Surrender Hill The year's best Americana album from a new artist 11/15
Doug Seegers Going Down To The River Country (from a talented young man that sings like he's got dentures) 11/15
Amy Black & Beth McKee Muscle Shoals Sessions & Sugarcane Revival Smokin' Memphis BBQ & RnB (Amy's a woman on fire and Beth's got a dress of fire) 11/15
Red June Ancient Dreams Bluegrass 11/15
Abigail Washburn City Of Refuge Cello based bluegrass 11/15
Chuck Hawthorne Silver Line I'm stuck on Americana (it's nice and easy for a retiree) 10/15
Kristin Andreassen Gondolier More easy Americana 10/15
The Wood Brothers Paradise Solid easy Americana 10/15
Keith Greeninger Glorious Peasant Soulful Americana 10/15
Hurts Surrender Synth-pop (that's a new genre to me but it sounds like great vocals with a strong synthesizer background) 10/15
Nick Saheen Sauvignon RnB (and a cool album title) 9/15
Gretchen Peters Blackbirds Country 9/15
Warren Haynes Man In Motion Warren has three strong blues albums but this 2011 production has got me revisiting the blues for a while. 8/15
Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Something old...one of the best selling albums of all time and even better if you can listen to the quadraphonic version out on DTS via your surround sound system (or the 8-track in your '78). 8/15
Los Stellarians Cholo Soul Something new...a soulful voice in a funk band from Ojai, California. 8/15
Natalie Imbruglia Male Something borrowed...in this case is a nice cover album.  The album title stems from all of the originals having male vocals.  The arrangement on "I Melt With You" is impressive (or maybe its just sentimental). 8/15
Curtis Harding Soul Power Something blue...or at least Rythm and Blues...including a tasty pair: Keep On Shining and Next Time 8/15
The Steel Wheels Leave Some Things Behind Bill Frater has tasty music at Freight Train Boogie Podcasts that provides a great slice of Americana.  Bill included the song We've Got A Fire from this Steel Wheels output which is just one of the good listens on this neo-bluegrass album. 8/15
Laura Bell Bundy Another Piece of Me I gotta put this on the list because I liked Laura Bell's music even before her role on Anger Management with Charlie Sheen.  She gets Kentucky Dirty. 8/15
Josh Rouse El Turista Soft rock...I don't remember it from 2010 when it came out but this album is full of gems and has an international flavor. 8/15
Albert Cummings Working Man Blues. 8/15
Caroline Spence Somehow The beginning of an Americana streak. 7/15
Best Boy Best Boy Latin/Americana. 7/15
Anne McCue Blue Sky Thinkin' Swing/Americana. 6/15
Andrew Combs All These Dreams Soul/Americana. 6/15
Amanda Shires Carrying Lightning Americana. 5/15
Justin Townes Earle Harlem River Blues The son of Americana. 4/15
Paul Carrack Good Feeling R&B/Rock. 3/15
Meghan Trainor Title Pop...you might also check out a good take-off in "All about that bass cannon" by Elite-3 (Youtube it) 2/15
Josh Turner Everything Is Fine Fine country. 1/15
Adam Brand There Will Be Love Aussie country. 12/14
Railroad Earth Amen Corner This bluegrass could give you religion. 12/14
Tedeschi Trucks Band Revelator Susan Tedeschi and Derek ("and the Dominos") Trucks got married in 2001 and ten years later (after a boy and a girl) had a Grammy winning blues-rock album with repeatable songs Come See About Me, Midnight In Harlem, Bound For Glory and Learn How to Love. 11/14

"Will begging for beer while listening to Swedish music and doing crunches earn you Abba's six-pack?"
Solomon Tall (rev 4/2/2020)

"Does Keith care that the country genre now includes influences from rap and urban music?"
- Solomon Tall (1/26/2018)

"It can't be a song if it isn't sung and it can't be a wrong if it isn't rung."
- Solomon Tall (4/11/2016)

"Oboe, watch her zither and bassoon, but be careful of the didgeridoo."
- Solomon Tall (6/26/2016)

"You can tune a guitar but you can't tune a fish unless you know Country Joe."
- Solomon Tall (8/16/2015)

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