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About the creation of Joe Pivetti's Personal Website

This is a list of all of the pages in the joepivetti.com website.  If there is not a link, then the page is under construction and not yet published.

About the JoePivetti.com website

I started thinking about a making a website when i was talking to a colleague about what I might do in retirement.  I said that I'd like to get published, perhaps in Oil & Gas Journal or the like.  I still have that "lofty" goal but I realized I could self-publish if I created my own website to host my stuff.  Here's a link to more about the process, the costs and the motivation...about-the-website.

About the web tools used in making JoePivetti.com

I did a bit of internet research to find some inexpensive ways to create the website.  Here's a link to a list of tools and acknowledgements with some useful links...about-web-tools.

About the images

I am not a graphic designer.  I don't have the patience to create rigorous geometric designs.  I had designers working for me for 36 years and I always got by in communicating with them and my clients with free hand sketches.  I forced myself to use geometry for a few images and here's a link to them and how I made them...about-images.

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