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About Joe Pivetti

Joe Pivetti  I live in Huntington Beach, California with my wife Judi, our cat Kobe and our dog Zoey.  Our son, James, is a sophomore at Cal Poly Pomona.  My son Anthony also resides in Huntington Beach.  I worked 35 years in Engineering and Construction (E&C), primarily managing engineering.  I retired in September 2015 and intend to decompress for a while before "trying something new", perhaps in a related field.  For now I will spend time with Judi and have some fun with the web.  I was born in 1958 and I still enjoy album oriented rock (AOR) and music listening in general.  I am an avid reader, primarily of science fiction and fantasy but I also enjoy non-fiction (science, history and coffee table books).  I like visiting art museums and reading a bit of poetry once in a while.  I play basketball with friends on Sundays (and I need to start going to the gym).  My idea of a vacation is snorkeling at a tropical island or hiking through a forest.  My parents instilled in me a love for card games, and I hope to find a bridge group while in retirement.  I've traveled a bit with family and for work and I really enjoy the culture and people more than the sites (the photo of me to the left is of me happily immersed in the sunny Italian merriment at the leaning tower of Pisa and with no towering backdrop).  Recently a peer suggested that I take up some work after retirement that I could do on a laptop while sitting at the beach...that sounds like a good idea...except for the work part...

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"A journey starts with a single step going back to turn off the stove."
- Solomon Tall (7/25/2015)

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