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Joe Pivetti's Artsy Fartsy Snapshots

These digital arty photos were taken over the span of several years and are rendered here without modification other than cropping and/or sizing.  These photos are the personal possessions of Joe Pivetti and may not be used for any commercial use without permission.  If copied (no external linking please) for non-commercial use, I'd appreciate a "shout out".  Email me if you want a full size copy of a photo for your screen saver.

This moth is rarely seen in California, let alone our back yard in Huntington Beach.
Fungi in Carmichael.  I made my mom wait while I took a picture in an ordinary front yard lawn.
Shot through glass at the San Diego Zoo.  The partial glass partition did not stop the grass topped dirt clod that he threw at Judi.  Clyde was a southpaw and he threw a strike.
Wild rice
A walk along the water while awaiting Nathaniel's wedding.  Connecticut is really pretty country.
Duct jacket
I was supposed to be taking pictures for work but this duct joint curvature called out to me.  Later at lunch, I drew a sketch on a napkin that became a patented WESP isolator inspection hatch.
Desk top
Agatha Christie's curios on her desk at Greenway Estate on the Dart.  She wasn't just a detective fiction writer, she was a collector with a curious eye.
Top of the Shard building in London
The tallest building in London is the Shard (the tip seen here from London Tower Bridge) - it looks a bit incomplete but that was the architect's intent (and I agree).
Tower Briddge in London
I shot the picture of the Shard from near the flag on the left.
Close-up of part of Stonehenge
Notice the mortice atop the flagstone.  The Stonehenge builders were likely early British engineers!
Molly the dog, England
Molly (the first Molly dog not to be confused with Molly the dog on the Torquay ferry) was one of my favorite sites in England.  How can you beat a Jack Russel in a stream for pure joy!
Greenway fungi
I made Judi and James wait on the trail to Agatha Christie's house so I could take a picture of this fungus.  There's fungus among us even in proper England.
Squirrel in Hyde park, London
We met Judi's friend, Julia, in Hyde Park (a short walk from our London hotel) and she seemed to call the wildlife to her.  This squirrel was enamored with her.
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"Art is as important to man as wine and song, and Art's wife agrees."
- Solomon Tall (8/5/2015)

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