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More of Joe Pivetti's Artsy Fartsy Snapshots

These digital arty photos were taken over the span of several years and are rendered here without modification other than cropping and/or sizing.  These photos are the personal possessions of Joe Pivetti and may not be used for any commercial use without permission.  If copied (no external linking please) for non-commercial use, I'd appreciate a "shout out".

Pig statue in English cottage front yard
This beautiful pig statue (with a brand new red ribbon) was watching the front of a cottage along the rising road from the pier to Dittisham town center.  He was just a few doors up from the FBI tavern so he might be a bit tipsy.
A roof on the walk to Dartmouth castle
A slate roof top on a Dart-side house along the road to Dartmouth Castle.  Next door young men were repairing a similar roof when they weren't watching football or chinning themselves on the scaffold poles.
A sign in Torquay, England
There is a lot of wet weather in England and in Totnes frizzy hair is definitely "in".
Wetaher vane in England
One little sail is enough to compass the wind in Totnes England.
Twin towers in Italy
Romeo-and- Juliet-like Italian towers.
Statue at Lake Como
A statue along Lake Como.

Arno river from the Ponte Vechio
I liked this reflection more than the Ponte Vichio from whence it was shot.

Boat on Lake Como
I liked this little boat on Lake Como with a parasol.
Castelani Italiano
Italian castle
Back of the Italian castle
Garden view from Italian castle
At the end of the trail of lovers
We took a train to Cinqe Terre and walked to this beautiful town of Riomaggiore.
Italian motorboat
This boat was tied off outside of the town and look how clear is the Mediterranean water.
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"There is an elephant whose paintings sell for thousands of dollars (but he still works for peanuts)."
- Solomon Tall (8/6/2015)

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