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Sorry, this is not a list of golf courses.  Instead its just a list of some internet pages that held/hold some interest for me.

Link Description Why Date
Quilting Judi likes it and wants me to put the same kind of arty pizzazz into my website 8/15
D' (Cal) Bears I'm convinced that the Bears would be a force if they didn't play in such a talented conference.  Even with Aaron Rodgers and the beast, Marshawn Lynch, we couldn't get to the Rose Bowl.  USC, UCLA, Standford and WU have generally been tough but now we have to contend with ferocious Ducks and Beavers.

SF Giants The SF Giants are a favorite in the Pivetti house.  It's been like living in a dream the last few years.  Go Posie, go Bum and let's get another title!


Raiders My Dad took us to see Stanford games as kids when Jim Plunket was without a doubt the best player in college football.  I moved to LA in 1980 and the Raiders followed.  I got Raiderettes tickets for a while and saw Plunket, Allen and Jackson shred some vaunted defenses.  It's been a while since Coach White made the dumbest decision in all of NFL history when he benched the best player on the Raiders for the Superbowl and we had to watch a Buc crush and with Al passing on its time for a reemergence (if the Davis boy can keep the Raider vets at the helm).


Lakers Show time to Shaq and Kobe time to the acquisition of "the Spaniard" its great to be a Laker fan.  We're in a rebuilding time but Mitch will keep the business straight and we will see The Lakers back in the playoffs soon.

Freight Train Boogie Podcasts Freight Train Boogie Bill Frater has a great ear for Americana music and puts together a very professional and listenable podcast.

Band Camp So many new talents, so little time...

Soundcloud Even the top artists give via Soundcloud....


"A hot link is best served by a cool vendor."
- Solomon Tall (8/17/2015)

more Tall-isms here

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