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Joe Pivetti's Snapshots of benches in Cambria, California

These digital photos were taken in Cambria, California over the span of several years on Fiscalini Ranch and are rendered here without modification other than cropping and/or sizing.  These photos are the personal possessions of Joe Pivetti and may not be used for any commercial use without permission.  If copied (no external linking please) for non-commercial use, I'd appreciate a "shout out".  Please let me know if you'd like a full size photo for your screen saver.

cambria bench 1
Cambria bench 1
cambria bench 2
Cambria bench 2
cambria bench 3
Cambria bench 3
cambria bench 4
Cambria bench 4
cambria bench 5
Cambria bench 5
cambria bench 6
Cambria bench 6

Cambria bench 7

Cambria bench 8

Cambria bench 9

Cambria bench 10
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"A judge's job is to preside over the bench regardless of the number of pigeons, squirrels and nuts."
- Solomon Tall (8/7/2015)

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