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Page 8 of Joe Pivetti's Artsy Fartsy Snapshots

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The gods were throwing white fire balls above our Las Cambritas margaritas

The sky was on fire that Cambrian evening

Neptune's throne sits in the Cambria surf

Another holey rock in the Cambrian surf

Mother and child might grow on ya at Greenway House

Greenway tree reaching out to the Dart

This London Tower gargoyle has gone goofy from his long prison sentence

London bridges aren't falling down

The Dart bank near Greenway House included a standout pine tree

Brits Dart in yachts

It's a steep climb from the FBI to Dittisham and we still wouldn't sit on this bench

This is the opposite of a swan dive near the river taxi stop in Dartmouth
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"A snappy dresser may make haste at the waste if he's had a belt or two."
- Solomon Tall (7/29/2016)

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