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Still More of Joe Pivetti's Artsy Fartsy Snapshots

These digital arty photos were taken over the span of several years and are rendered here without modification other than cropping and/or sizing.  These photos are the personal possessions of Joe Pivetti and may not be used for any commercial use without permission.  If copied (no external linking please) for non-commercial use, I'd appreciate a "shout out".

English gargoyle
English gargoyle.

Kayak statue in Golden, CO
It didn't seem cold in Golden, Colorado even though this kayak statue and a lot of goose poop were frozen solid.
We came across a falconer and his trainee during a picnic on Mt. Pinos.
Castle stairs in Italy
The cowardly lion with shield on a castle back door stairway.

This old dragonfly perched on the kumquat tree that Judi planted for me on my birthday.  She has quite the ovipositor.
Sea ball
California Beach near Guardastella, Italy had an area covered with these little balls that washed ashore.
Redwood carving of Edgar Winter
Redwood carving of Edgar Winter
White statue
Judi has repaired this statue a few times and I think that it has not diminished in character.
Flowers and fly
Flowers and fly near Pinecrest, CA.
Waterfall on the Pinecrest inlet

Dino rock
Simple rocks that look like a dinosaur near Pinecrest, CA
Mariposa flower and ladybug
Mariposa flower and ladybug
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"You shouldn't swap horses in the middle of a stream of consciousness."
- Solomon Tall (8/6/2015)

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