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Page 22 of Joe Pivetti's Artsy Fartsy Snapshots

More fun with photos:

USS Iowa
San Juan Capistrano fountain

Huntington Beach surfer

  In the Ho rainforest

San Juan Capistrano mission chimney

San Juan Capistrano tie rod (maybe it'll keep for another 300 years)

Sonoma winery tasting room art (you're starting to get tipsy)

Sonoma winery tasting room art (you're seeing double)

  SJC water lily (without a frog/prince)


Sacramento skyline

100's of years old SJC door
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"If Kim hired the number one Star Trek enemy phaser, she'd have the biggest assassin in Kardasia (not to mention the biggest ass in Kardashian)."
- Solomon Tall (8/11/2019).

more Tall-isms here

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