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I'm Not Aegean Because of VOO


It'd be a falafel pita
If ouzo dolmas to believe
That I prefer Brahms or Beethoven.
After all, I'm a baklava like you.

Are you a ziti person
Or from out in the country?

Are you a balalaika like me
With a weekend warrior b-ball fantasy?
Or are you a bouzouki lover
Who enjoys a shut-out pitchers duel?

Kalamatas a matas if you're olive or half-dead
Its good to sleep on a great big soft bed

Doe's or Amy's fasolada dough is worth singing about
Unless you're not retsina the mind.

Halawi today? If we're good let's date.
But not if you medjool all over me.

Don't filo.  You're souvlaki I like you, you big gyros.
But now you're gonna do me a fava couscous you owe me.

Tabbouleh the argument until after the hummus dies down.
Or I'll hoist the kebab on you and you'll be mizithra

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