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Pack 12 for School

Au Bears is an element of Memorial cheer.
A V-Dub at U-Dub can carry Husky people.
If it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck, its probably Eugene.
A Corvallis 4H Club project might involve a Beaver dam.
When the left guard is a Pullman it's right up the Wazoo.
Every Indian became a Cardinal for the Palo Alto faithful.
The Trojan horse outside the L. A. Memorial was a Traveler.
Pauley was joyous when West-Wooden Bruins ruled the court.
"No day light savings time" fans are Tempe-rah-ry Sun Devils.
Night game stalkers in Tucson consist mainly of Wild Cats.
Buffaloed visitors sometimes lack confidence against their Boulder rivals.
And it was Cousin Vinnie's traction defense that saved the day for a couple of Utes.

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