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One Liners Draw Power

An intern leaned on a fence and said to his tech abetter
"Take two tablets and call me in the morning."

The dispatcher asked "how did all that leaf litter get in here?"
To which a cabbie replied "it was hacked with Windows open."

Touch screen high tech is often stowed behind chain links
So it's good that a cager doesn't always need a key board to save a game.

The pharma in the Dell has e-luded many users
So the i-DEA is to track such e-sales as Gateway drugs.

A reporter asked a telecom PR firm manager for the key to their success
To which the officer replied, "Android data is driving the enterprise."
"It's CPU" said a newly graduated and tan geek-squader to his mentor
Who sheepishly agreed, "that molted seal skin on the beach just isn't PC."

A diner was arguing the merits of swiping a hamburger menu at a hot spot
When his weary companion tweeted "stop all of that app tap rap flap crap!"

A philosopher said in a GIF, "what's the meming of life?"
His fellow responded "it's technically three serial seconds".

The detective asked the perp how he had broken into the Microsoft office,
And he calmly replied "some Java helps me with the hand shake, then Ipad softly."

Gamers sometimes get locked up, but if they're frequent cell users
They won't need an escape key; they'll get booted at the touch of a button.

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