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Dr. Jones I Presume

"Oh Dr. Lee, Dr. Lee.  I am so glad that I have found you.  I was told you'd be next to your rather imposing body guard."  The petite young Asian woman pointed to the mammoth of a man next to her and said "that's Dr. Lee."

I recognized Dr. Jones from an article in the Weird News that I peruse on Thursday nights.  He had inherited Einstein's and Dalton's priceless preserved eyes and within a day of that news they were stolen.  "I don't normally allow strangers to interrupt but I will take your case without discussion.  Here is my card.  Call the number and schedule a meeting with my secretary."  Maude is actually dean Robinson's secretary but I've come to know her and found her to be the best at her job and she has agreed to do the odd jobs for me.

"But this is an emergency..."  I turned away and saw out of the corner of my eye that he was already calling and Maude was answering (she was sitting by herself, as usual, by the window, hoping for any excuse to avoid the crowds at the school affair).

The dean's wife asked if I'd taken on a new case to which I replied "I've got to find out who has eyes for Dr. Jones."

"Oh, Lee, I didn't know you were such a romantic."

The glare I got from Sung would have turned a mortal man to stone but I was wearing imaginary mirrored glasses which deflected the Medusa's gaze.

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