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A Dog Nose

A dog knows friend or foe
Through the use of his nose.
He might negotiate a new meeting via smellotreaty
(oft dependent on smellascopic readings)
But that might be a bit too dogmatic
(Especially if you've bacon in your pocket).

A stranger might trip the smellustat
(With bark and growling quite dramatic)
And a feline pet's scent might makes a dog go smellacatic
But if you are nice (both you and the cat to be specific)
Then when next you knock on the door
His dog mood might be elated via his smellulator
(Assuming he can retrieve a smellafile
For you the perambulator
Approaching the door to his domicile).

Oh, there's no adjusting the smellometer
No matter how thorough the dog tutor.
So if on a walk she's a bit smellapostal
And she continues to be developmental
You might allow a brief perusal
(Just watch where your feet are).

A doggerator sets the speed of a dog.
And believe me, puppy,
You don't want to step on the doggerator!
And if today one is off his heel
Then adjust the dogostat
(Don't forget the kind word and the pat).

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