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I've Only Had One In Dog Beers*


After a painful morning jog
I went in for a pint
Just a dog bite
A hair of the dog
I brightened like a fog dog at the site
As it settled nicely with a stiff white collar
Into the glass, like a dogmatized vicar

On the bar was a damp dog-eared rag
Some say the paper is gospel
I think it's doggerel
Just political dog-legs and dog-carts going 'round
For the chance at gaining a pound
(But I am no lucky dog to win the mother-lode
And it's a dog age since my pony even showed)

Well fed and well read
I head off to dog paddle
My way through city hell
Fleeing and dogged from onus and by dread.
But soon I come to my dogtoothed steeple
Where I work a dogwatch for the people
And shake my daily hangdog spell.

Two hours hence I hie and pray,
Dogs barking, as I make my way
To the dogface dining lair
For a salty serving of free seadog fair.
Then three more watch dog stints
Where it's dog eat dog and I'm dog-tired
...it's a dog's life and I mean to win it.

*Thanks to Walt P for dog beers inspiration

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