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Montserrat, That's Where It's At

Christopher Columbus discovered Santa María de Montserrat in 1493
The Emerald Island of the Caribbean is in the Lesser Antilles, BWI, BOT
With Irish-African people that have enured for a spell.
Montserratians include Alphonsus "Arrow" Cassell,
Who sold 4 million copies of Hot, Hot, Hot,
"Rhum-boom-boom-boom, Ole-Ole-Ole-Ole, Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!"
The island is home to the Mountain Chicken and the Montserrat galliwasp
(The chicken is really an atypical burrow laying frog
And the galliwasp is one of the the rarest of the lizard catalog).
A snow of ash and a rain of fire changed life drastically enough
When the Soufrière Hills volcanic eruption pushed Plymouth
And the southern half of the island into an exclusion zone,
Prompting Parrotheads' Jimmy Buffet to write his Volcano tone,
"Lava come down soft and hot
You better lava me now or lava me not".
Seventy percent of the Montserratians fled to the UK.
...But return of island charm inspired a tribute song by Aussie Ivor S.K.
"At a quarter to ten you sit by the pool; feed the iguanas again.
[And at] one: [its] ginger beer, over the best view you've ever seen".

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