Appalachia is the name for this list of app ideas [ I don't think that folks in the mountainous region along the eastern seaboard will mind re-purposing their regional identification for an idea list].  These ideas are intended for use and exploitation by myself and Ben Draper only.

1) i-Safety-First - safety mode for company phones which allows only hands free mode through approved Bluetooth devices when moving over a preset speed limit (i.e. 5 mph).  It might also log speed vs. speed limit, intensity of acceleration and braking and frequency of lane changes. [2 weeks after I entered this as app idea #1 Apple came out with it on their new IOS]
2) WW10 - stops automatic Windows 10 updates (maybe by telling updater that connection is metered)
3) iGroom - Haircut, etc. reminder (maybe it even knows when you go to the barber via GPS)
4) iFindIt - detailed item location finder for grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. (guys will never have to ask directions again)
5) iWhistle - supersonic dog whistle (might double as pest deterrent) that can also convert supersonic and subsonic sound to audible sound and/or text
6) ICHeat - converts IR and/or UV and/or very low light to visible light (and can record as video or photographs)...might require an add-on lens (maybe USB)
7) iCanCount - counts calories just by photographing meals
8) iTip - allows person-to-person tipping (bypassing the chef and bus boy pool) if tipper and tippee have app (might use Paypal or other e-accounts)
9) iTrain - talks to solar powered gadgets that can be stuck on gym equipment such that they can transmit exercise info including load and reps to phone app and/or gym based data base accessible on-line (might also allow input of fat pinch and typical girth measurements and weight for development of animated progress depiction)
10) iAmFriendly - interupts headphone output when it hears key phrases like your name and/or greetings (maybe with a pleasant beep to let you know it thinks someone is there)
11) iAmFine - measures alcohol intake (maybe via bar tab phone app payment) and provides various sobriety tests (and maybe calls Uber when you're not sober)
12) iSpeed - baseball velocity meter (no radar, just optical measurement)
13) iSpy - monitors police bands for signal strength to approximate police proximity (doesn't work for Bill Cosby)
14) iNerd - Generatess tips for spots talk during games by listening for key phrases in radio broadcast(s).
15) iPosture - Set phone on stand and then let it see you sit, stand, walk, etc and it analyzes and reports on posture and makes suggestions for improvements (might be helpful for sore backs).
16) iBot - Plant recognition.
17) iAutoKnow - Why can't cars tell us what's going on instead of just mechanics that hook up with hardware a proprietary software (the return of home auto maintenance)
18) GotNoClash - Photograph wardrobe and app recommends combo's and warns against combo's that clash or are inappropriate for work or formal functions.
19) SkinScan - Use selfie stick to scan entire body including back.  App asks for close-ups of certain areas and warns if spots might need to be looked at by a doctor (moles, melanoma, phlebitis, etc.).
20) iTune - Use to tune an instrument or to record and pitch repair vocals.
21) iGDO - Turn your phone into a garage door opener.
22) UnCell - Allows phone-to-phone comm without using cell service.
23) iPlumb - Turns phone into a level and/or plumb bob device.
24) RUAStud - Turns phone into a stud finder (echo-location).
25) iZees - Record your partner in sleep and then play back when partner is away to gently snore you to sleep.
26) iTalkDog - Select various dog sounds (barks, whines, growls, yips, etc.) to get a reaction from a dog.
27) iMCatty - Like iTalkDog but for cats (mews, meows, hisses, yowls, etc.)
28) iGotFood - Input pantry data and app suggests menus and suggests minor purchases required for some dishes and provides links to recipes.
29) Noise Enhancing Headphones - So cyclists can listen to music and still hear cars approaching.
30) iErgo - App uses video scan of work space and suggests ergonomic improvements.
31) MetaAssistant - Provides right click menu for quick MP3, JPG, AVI meta data entry (genre, rating, etc.).
32) OilSched - Uses Bluetooth and GPS to record mileage and suggests maintenance like oil change, battery inspection, belts, etc. (perhaps cars already have this now)
33) VoiceChanger - Disguise your voice like in the movies.
34) iMassage - Use your phone's vibration for a quick neck massage
35) iTak - Play Tak (or Capture or Gen) against the computer (Tak is from the Kingkiller series by Patrick Ruthfuss, Capture is from the Recluce series by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. and Gen is from the Kencyrath series by P. C. Hodgell).
36) iEntertain - Summarizes local entertainment (concerts, shows, fairs, significant TV events, pay per view fights, etc.).
37) AltChess - Play chess against the computer using irregular pieces.
38) Y-Drive - Button on e-map offers alternatives to driving (metro, taxi, rent-a-bike, etc.).
39) Repurposer - Apps for old phones: security or spy camera, baby monitor, time lapse photography, walky-talky, motion sensing night light, PC touch screen, etc.
40) iSky - Helps identify constellations based on GPS, directionality and imaging.
41) IMFrankenstein - Makes various sounds in rhythm with your gate to make you sound like your walk is that of a monster or beast.
42) IPFreely - Examines changes in the color of your urine to develop health hints.
43) StrobeLite - Generates strobe light of desired frequency with button fine tuning for checking RPM's of rotating equipment that is suitably marked.
44) UBugMe - Insect photograph collection and ID software.
45) Ella - Generates harmonic tone to make crystal ring even at a distance.
46) Wallawalla - Uses sound and/or light reflection to measure distance to a wall.
47) Dingaling - App makes all phones within range ring or beep.
48) Otologee - Checks hearing and records data for trending (important for people who work in loud conditions that rely on earplugs.
49) JohnLittler - Enter text and phone will record it and/or speak it in any of several celebrity voices.
50) InHouse - Use phone video to scan house and app generates 3D map of house that can be used in planning furnishing, flooring, lighting and/or remodeling.
51) URSick - Log your illnesses and symptoms, rest, medication, Dr. visits, etc.
52) LittleLibrarian - Photograph books and/or documents to instantly add them to your reading or library list.
53) Squadder - Phone lists your buds that are within range.
54) NapTime - Phone goes silent during preset time intervals.
55) BrowserMute - Mutes all tabs, including new tabs and persistent URL's.
56) NewXVideo - Finds new videos on a specified subject or person and provides direct links to the videos.
57) SpotRemover - Deletes files and folders in Spotify storage folder.
58) iEco - Reminder to conserve (turn off lights, PC, recycle, etc.) and provides preference restoration for devices that reset when power is completely cut off.
59) OberUber - Site for Uber reviews by name or license plate number.
60) iLiner - Provides the latest Vegas line for sports with favorite teams prioritized.
61) CrashPad - Restore device(s) and/or software after crash.
62) iCue - Rules for various pool table games and help for shot geometry and spin.
63) MyWiFi - List approved devices on your LAN to keep out bandwidth pirates.
64) CoWiFi - Wifi sharing org. that reduces members bandwidth costs.
65) iJam - Jam Bluetooth, WiFi and phone signals.
66) iSpin - Enter a phrase of bad news and app suggests spin.
67) Rosie - Assesses clearness of your glasses and suggests cleaning or repair.
68) Eh? - Checks hearing aid and/or headphones integrity and/or quality.
69) GamerStop - Allows 3rd party interrupt by phone into PC and/or game audio output (might require device on audio output line) perhaps with a 20-second warning beep.
70) CatCall - Makes the sound of a can opener.
71) Scalziator - Grades your email for originality and cleverness (especially hate mail).
72) Triton - Substitutes phrases in your text with trite expressions or puns.
73) ReTexter - Translates text abbreviations and Emogees.
74) iHypno - Flashing lights and soft sounds hypnotize user and suggest peace and calm before reawakening user.
75) AdDefier - Switches between Spotify, Pandora, GooglePlay, etc. automatically (or at the push of a button or spoken key word) when an ad plays.
76) RoboSecretary - Answers phone and asks if you'd like to leave a message and converts message to text.  Responds to a few key phrases like "who are you?"
77) FakeFriend - Sends texts, Tweets, phone calls, etc. to your phone so you seem popular.
78) Autoflage - Makes custom decor for your car (prints onto magnetized film).
79) PokieDudeGoBeer - Earn points by visiting bars.
80) iCare - Fits volunteers to needs by location and schedule.
81) iCPA - Use PrtScrn and phone scans (or photos) to gather billing and payment info for personal accounting.
82) iZen - Yoga instructor in a can complete with music and inspirational commentary.
83) ByeJack - Remote car kill switch.
84) RingOff - Tap phone button three times and phone rings for fake phone call.
85) iSize - Use phone to monitor eye dilation.
86) Smirch - Enter an individual's description and the app generates several clever insults.
87) UnSmirch (or Laudenum) - Enter an individual's description and the app generates several clever praises.
88) HotAir - Remote controlled miniature hot air balloons.
89) iTagger - Simulated graffiti for social media (use photo of your favorite wall and add mural and text art).
90) iBagger - Helps plan suitcase packing (squeeze a week into your carry-on).
91) Let'sMake-up - Simulate putting on your own make-up on your selfie.
92) BuffUp - Buffers all internet content to mitigate gaps in music and video.
93) Fakir - Studies software com and then can simulate even off-line to reduce intrusion.
94) DearSanta - Kids can text (etc.) Santa and it goes to your secret cache.
95) eSeal - Electronic Easter Seal.
96) AlFranken - Social media device that allows people to donate $1 to your PayPal account.
97) TangoUnIdeaMajor - App that scores your ideas for originality and promise (uses social media for voting).
98) GiveMeABeatBoys - Generates rhythm based on popular music [and saves your soul].
99) iAmAwake - Turns on light(s) when you awaken.
100) GypsyRoseLee - Provides metrics for task confidence for schedule and/or cost estimate Monte Carlo analysis.

201) iAmBoard - Put multiple boardgames with pieces, boards and tiles into a shared 3D environment (like Paint3D) where monitor rites can be established to allow opposing views on a game board.  Includes an alternative to Tak that incorporates different height pieces (instead of just top and bottom) in round and square shapes with not a road goal but an elevation goal.  The top pieces may be moved off the board by an opponents top piece taking a downhill path.
202) iToot - Carry your phone in your hip pocket and record how much you fart in a day.
203) iScream - App screams (to get help for people with small voices).
204) ePlurubusUnum - Charter bus sharing app.
205) iAnte (or iCount) - Watches poker games, records up cards, calculates odds and suggests betting strategy.
206) iFallTower - Helps with building house of cards.
207) iLash - App for tying knots and lashings.
208) iBrows - Checks daily pricing on want list items.
209) eKe - Helps you budget on a shoestring.
210) eChi (or iChi) - Mood music and chants to help focus your Chi.
211) eLand (or iLand) - App to help you with undeveloped real estate (i.e. how to qualify for farm tax exemptions).
212) iSore - Lets coworkers know when you're having a bad day.
213) eLapse - Reminds you to Tweet or write to Facebook.
214) eLate - Schedule texts for later send.
215) eNamor - The prince of baby names apps with emphasis on mariner nomenclature.
216) iBeam - Practice your smile (selfie video overlay on images of known best smiles).
217) iBin - Drop any kind of file into the iBin and it puts it into a relationable data base.
218) iDoll - Create your own dolly (with voice and animation options).
219) iGore - Keeps you updated on global warming.
220) iLikeIke - WWII memorabilia tracker.
221) iMage - Collection of magic spells from literature.
222) iMet - Record of all of the people you've ever met.
223) iNo - Nice ways to say no.
224) iQ - Serious to hilarious IQ tests.
225) iRate - Rate items on all popular rating sites simultaneously.
226) iRan - Dripping ink or oil morphing of photographs.
227) iRaq - Evaluates your 9-ball racking and suggests improvements (two balls to switch).
228) iRule - Emits light in lines to help guide grafitti.
229) iSay - How would a Brit respond?
230) iSaid - Records everything you say and renders it to text with time, date and GPS stamps (plus photo option to record audience).
231) iTemp - Pyrometer.
232) iTest - Test for anything.
233) iUD - Keep track of your pregnancy prevention.
234) iVan - Ride share cross-platform.
235) iWed - Wedding app.
236) iXnay - Shhhhh with image to cue someone audially or visually to what might be secret.
237) iYieYie - Watch your pepper intake (with optional consequences log).
238) iZeeCold - Electro-stimulation from your phone and a USB device.
239) iBid - Bids minimum on all eBay items.
240) eBeer - Keep track of microbrewery drinks.
241) eBud - Independent ratings on legal marijuana offerings.
242) eKoIKay - Kumbaya app.
243) eFront - 1,000 ways to pick a fight.
244) eGalEyes - Take covert pictures of sexy people.
245) eieio - Rate farmer markets (Montreal's is near the top)
246) eJect - Lists PC or phone files per to cue words for tagging and/or deletion.
247) eClaire - Rate bakeries in user's area.
248) eLect - Vote from your phone.
249) iMnotHere - Confuse people with this sound projecting app (throw depends on number of nearby willing app participants).
250) eMote - Counts dust particles and let's you know if an area is higher or lower than normal in particulates.
251) eNuff - Remind you when you've had enough (alcohol, exercise, conflict, etc.) based on your metabolic data and quantification of stuff.
252) eQuate - Keeps track of how many drinks you've had vs. your drinking buddies (including alcohol content and weight difference effects).
253) eQuine - Reminds you of better race days at neighboring tracks.
254) eRupt - Loud alarm activated by proximity of spies, journalists, enemies, stalkers, etc. via video or audio detection or 3rd party signal.
255) eSense - Reads lips from a distance.
256) eSpot - Lets yo know if you are near a site worth seeing.
257) eTude - Calming piano music.
258) eVict - Remove individuals from all of your accounts.
259) eVent - Generate text ire without profanity.
260) eWok - Ewok filter.
261) XSeed - Set parameters for imaginitive plant growth.
262) eVolve - Revolves an image using wizard crop for edge.
263) eVert - Generates reverse view of an image.
264) eZasPi - All calculations round.
265) eZil - Displays classic and neo art.
266) eBert - Latest top ten movies by several rating systems with cinema and home view dates.
267) iBlend - Camouflage for social media and the internet.
268) eLude -Helps duck calls.
269) iDid (or uDid) - Tallys task completions (i.e. I'm up on my honey dos).
270) DoUMind - Notes your and your friends pet peeves (and possibly IOU totals).
271) DonutMatter - Notes your and your friends disconcerns.
272) Hyperspacial - Scan room for suggestions on moving objects to consolidate and open space for more new objects.
273) nOrOut - Updates on fads.
274) ThrowBack - Info on old fads.
275) Polyglot - Translates into multiple selected languages to allow choosing best sounding phrase (includes audio output of phrases before and/or after selection).
276) We3D - App allows 3D instant imaging by coordinating several simultaneous cell phone photos of an object from different positions (app identifies each phones position and angulation prior to sending signal for all to shoot).  Requires groups acceptance of the app instance.
277) WeeTaste - Allows a small group to join for beer or wine tasting recording.
278) WeBay - Alows a group to bid together on eBay to defeat minimum bids requirement.
279) OuiOuiNonNon - 1,000 ways to say yes or no.
280) WiFee - App remembers all of your wife's clothes sizes and preferences and any other pertinent data for gift shopping.
281) iGrovel - List of different sayings for admitting error sorted by relevance to cue words and/or frequency of use.
282) iPraise - List of different sayings organized for praising subordinates, peers and superiors based on cue words and level of praise desired.
283) iMPei - Lets you know when you are near a significant piece of architecture with links to information on same.
284) EzineItGrand - Searchable list of top 1,000 e-magazines.
285) iFly - Lets you know if your zipper is open.
286) iSoar - Record the state of your neighbors and your own curb appeal with automatic ratings, and neighborhood averages and statistics, so that you can be sure that you soar above the competition.
287) eMitz - Measures local electromagnetic radiation intensities.  Capable of short bursts of intense radiation to foil scans or to signal location.
288) iAmCanadian - Important information for Canadians.
289) iAmNotCanadian - Info on Canada for non-Canadians.
290) iFlea - Phone emits sound that drives away fleas.
291) iFled - Electronic "I will return in x minutes" message.
292) eWreck - Report accidents with a verbal command that takes a photo if phone is set up for such or if car is equipped with cameras (includes GPS data).
293) iBet
294) Bedpost (oops - that's already out there)
295) iGuess - Take a picture of a jar of jellybeans and the app gives you confidence ranges.
296) iSiesta - Mutes (or lowers) audio of all devices when "siesta" order is given.
297) iDreamOfElectricSheep - Robotic gray sounds to facilitate sleep.
298) eLevator - Discrete jokes and flattery to help improve your day.
299) iGotcha - Simulaneous favor request sent to friends and "for/from" assistance tally.
300) iObey - Bossy app helps push you through arduous tasks.
101) MowMeDown - Uses sunlight intensity (or photos of lawn) over time to determine grass growth and suggests whether you can skip a week of mowing.
102) TwilightWeb - Browser for the dark web that only allows filtered text and images to upload (not advised for use in Forks, Washington).
103) iTailor - Use phone to scan your body for a 3D model that generates key dimensions for better fitting clothes (not just S, M, L, XL, etc or even 44 long but JSPZTKWBB or the like).  One photo might include a tape measure stretched in front of you, just touching your checst.
104) iShoe - Photo your feet next to a tape measure to get right length and width shoe.
105) iGlasses - Photo your face and side of head (one with a ruler) to order form fitting glasses.
106) EZClean - Machine that cleans your eyeglasses.
107) DogTrap - Easy to assemble barricade that allows cat passage but not dog passage (to keep dog out of cat box and/or cat food).
108) Don'tTredOnMe - Phone warns you if someone is approaching you when you are using the phone (requires other person to be emitting a signal from there cell phone).
109) WhatWouldWillieSay - Translates to/from stoner talk.
110) GopherBroke - Put old phone with app at end of gopher hole and it recats to movement, snaps a flash photo of the gopher and scares him away (or at least you get a cool picture of the gopher).
111) SoothSayer - Generates calming sounds and mantras.
112) ChattyCathy - Automatically Tweets and Insta-chats for you by commenting on current events using trite and trendy expressions.
113) 1984 - Slip this app onto your friend's or loved one's phone to spy on them like mad.  Records there whereabouts, driving habits and records conversations based on key words.  Gives reports on word usage.
114) Pollerizer - Give app a topic and it will automatically use social media to poll followers and followers followers and provide live status with graphics.
115) VRConferencing - Video conferencing using 3D video.
116) VRSnapChat - Like SnapChat but with VR images.
117) JustHush - Automatically silences new web pages (tabs) and notifies user of muting with option to un-mute.
118) Hololens App's - Teach sports, or sculpting or other manual art or generate semi-transparent players for referees (so they can see "hidden" fouls).
119) CarShare - Rent out your car with a percentage going to CarShare for insurance including retrieval if required.
120) OnDemandBeDamned - Records On Demand video so you can fast forward through commercials.
121) BacardeeParlee - Removes slur from your drunken voice (or visa-verse).
122) iMeasureUp - Instantly returns measurements of person(s) photographed.
123) iJob - Increases bust size and/or decreases waist size in photo (including selfies).
124) iDroneOn - When active on cooperative phones it expands your drone control range.
125) BuzzLightGear - Automated loops, rolls and wobbles for your drone.
126) iRat - Anonymously report potential criminals.
127) iBeat - Use phone for stethescope with rudimentary analysis.
128) iShine - Records the weather conditions at your phone's location so you can see how much sunshine and/or precipitation was available compared to others.
129) iFireSafe - Record furniture and appliance moves in offices, cubicles and homes and record checks for fire safety design, infrastructure, training and cleanliness including fauna and flora and external plug cabling data gathering and irradication and/or repair.
130) iSpyWithMyLittleEye - Intelligent auto-focusing eye-glasses with low wattage morphable lenses.
131) iXmit - micro usb by stereo plug wifi or bluetooth transmitter for pairing mp3 player with remote earplugs or headphones (also allows audio to come from a transmitter in your phone or mp3 player including radio and phone-based-broadcast-stations)
132) iHearUBetter - micro usb by stereo plug wifi or bluetooth for local and/or remote audio receiver with on-board mike and battery (allows you to tune down or tune out background sound especially when foreground audio is closer than the background audio).
133) iAm and iAmGym - [iAm is available for TM as is iAmGym and someone could get one of 'em for $275] Work-out and yoga clothing that features fabric sleeves for porting wires from waist to ears and/or eyes.  Include iAm and/or art and/or iAm slogans on clothing or buy e-ink on fabric so that the print is attachable and morphable: iAm>Fit, iAm~MyBrother&MySisters, iAmYoga[line break]Union(Mind, Body, Spirit, Divine), iAmYoga+, iAmMore, iAm=Yoga+Life, iAm=Yoga+Wife, iAm>Body&Mind, iAm>Yoga-Spirit, iAm>Spririt, iAm>Divine, iAm>Body, iAm>Mind (consider other mathematical symbols say like iAm=Σpeopleiknow, iAm≤Δ(me&you), iAm≥√(π-e), iAm≠∛me3, iAm∠w/oU, iAmEven ∥, iAm ∦ atAll, iAm≅Body, iAm≟⊃of∞, iAm⊅Mind&BodyAlone, iAm∫(ofWhoiAm), iAm∮(Universe), and use symbols iAm♔, iAm♕, iAm♘❤, iAm≠A♙, iAm⟿, iAm➶, iAm✌, iAmLA✇, iAm⛅, iAm⚛, iAm⚜Mom, iAm>♡+♢, iAmAtThe♧, iAmRollin'⚂⚃, iAm≠My⌚, iAm⏰d, , iAm☕, iAm☺, iAm♬, iAm≠♭, iAm≠♯, iAm≅⛄+☀, iAm⚽Mom, iAmAt⛱, iAmA⛲ofYouth, iAmA⛵, iAm≠A⛳, i⛸By, iAm⛽'d, iAm✈Hi)
134) eJam - Allows sound sampling management for audio tracks building in team cooperation via IMChat or the like.
135) eBate - Allows pro and con responses and allows group scoring of the responses and groups similar responses into categories for counting towards pro and con rationale.
136) iWantToKnowYou - Identifies persons with government placed trackers along with government statement to the public about the individual being tracked.
137) iSpring - List the fruit or vegetable producing plants on your property and estimate yield volume and timing for certified gatherers to schedule collection at going app rate.
138) iShopTalk - When shopper enters a store, and allows the app to run, it provides information on the product(s) near the shopper (personalized by the username and the product's user-specific biased sales pitch).
139) iBikeShare - Buy-in and receive tracker and electronic lock to mount on your bicycle (that you maintain) and your bike becomes part of bike sharing system that pays you the going app rate for mileage on your class of bike.
140) iBiker - Info on motorcycle club rides and gathering so you can join 'em or avoid 'em.
141) iAmBoard - Local surfer link chimes out how many surfers are going up for a wave.
142) iCanShare - Lets you know when local charity is picking up deposit type recyclables.
143) iCantBreathe - Gives local smog and pollen data.
144) Ultrasound-Interpreter - Listens for ultrasonic sounds and categorizes them into a date and time stamped sortable text file.  Contains a library of sounds that are effective in unltra-sonic range and has higher octave copies for learning sound file icons and/or descriptions.  You might be able to talk to your dog in English and pitch up so much is audible to dog but not people (maybe typical dog commands like sit, stay, come).  Might also work with infrasound if phone mike can pick it up.  Tweet tweet tweet is commonly used with ultrasonic whistles to train dogs to an action such as come and/or sit (but maybe ultrasonic English might work better). Then there are wolf whistles and bird whistles and whistling song out-takes that can all be used in ultrasonic range if desired to use with pets without disturbing neighbors (although continuous loud volume ultrasonic sound as from high powered tweeter speakers can be as injurious to ears as normal range audio at high volume).  Recommended for short time high volume signals to communicate with some animals and others using the app and for normal volume silent dog commands at home especially for hushing or comforting your dog when the dog is responding to barking or mail delivery or passers by (who won't hear you yelling at your dog).
145) iAutoDraw - Draws 2D and 3D graphics using library of images and text line input such as: "draw a raccoon wearing tennis shoes and a tee shirt that says xxxx in front of a pine tree and a jeep" or "draw two shiny blue spheres one diameter apart and join them with a round bar with thickness of 1/10th of the spheres diameter and write at bottom of foreground in cloud letters Barbell Dreams".
146) iTap - searches for audio and/or voice signals from local devices wherever connectable through WiFi, Bluetooth or other electronic signals and can record and/or document key words for multiple simultaneous independent sources.
147) iChord - Play piano and/or guitar chords from a fall down list (hold down for duration and hold down with two fingers or three for volume change).  Allows for in and out effects on chord list.
148) HowIAm - App lets you record actions along with positive and negative scores and provides net averages and allows acceptance of net average for your personal score for each and every action entered that is similar enough to the net library of items.  For instance, an item might be calling Mom for a +2 or eating chocolate cake for a -1 or swearing in anger for -3 or exercising for 30 minutes for +3.
149) PW+ - Add a password to any app.  Offers reset options. Useful if sometimes sharing phone with friends or family.
150) eyeScreen - When app is on phone can only be read while wearing special glasses (consider viability with common glasses like active 3D glasses or Polaroid lenses).
151) iStyle - Pull back your hair to show your hairline and ears and take a selfie then iStyle will let you see how you look with different hair styles and colors and/or facial hair trim and color.
152) iFling - Fling your phone into a nice soft net or landing spot and phone records numbers of flips and/or twists and angles at touch down (phone repair industry might support this app).
153) iClan - Using data this app can list names of people in your area that are related to you with statistics on quantity of people within x miles and/or y generations of you.
154) iChi - Tai Chi instruction with feet and hand positions and text based instructions for each step plus Youtube video links and verbal instruction with flute music is step segments that can each be repeated or replayed when desired.
155) iComic - Carry around your comic collection and when app senses a fellow collector it dings if you have books to share to fill gaps (provides pre-written text to send with invitation to meet - just provide potential meet locations and/or time slots).
156) iTrac - Just like iComic but for 8-track tapes and/or DTS surround sound files.
157) BirdCall - Recognizes birds by their song and can sing back (keeps birding records).
158) SuburbAnylitics - Note address and take photos of your neighbors code infractions (weeds, garbage cans, industrial equipment, rotting RV's and/or boats, poor paint or structural conditions, unsightly fences, etc.), get help with violation codes and anonymously send to city in format that is easy for city to track.
159) iWearCam - Pair your phone with lightweight wired or wireless video camera that can clip to your shoulder or lapel (covertly or overtly).
160) iPark - Latest info on local parking areas for teen activities.
161) iTsunami - Provides evacuation information in the event of a tsunami, hurricane or toxic release warning.
162) iScape - Take photos of your yard and let the app clear the flora and generate landscapes based on library and your preference survey data.
163) iBug - App generates random sound of flies, bees, etc. to distract people when required.
164) iTail - Key onto a phone by using your camera to scan the carrier, the app learns what it can about the carrier's phone characteristics and then app follows that phone and estimates its GPS coordinates and tries to grab onto the other phone's GPS by looking for similar signal info change as in app phone which allows tracking the tagged phone by its GPS output within the tagged phones transmission range.
165) iRadiate - App allows people to point their phones at you (with graphics for selection from crowd - i.e. light up person and click on select button) and receive whatever info that person is continuously radiating (kind of like a badge or tee print that says something about you but more so). [FCC might frown on x-rated potential of this app.]
166) NutSheller - ID people acting crazy to warn others and inform police.  Attach video.
167) Freesbee - App takes printscreen of Google map of a park and plots several disc golf holes using trees, light poles and signs for holes and pair of same for tee-launch-line.
168) iReadLips - App that reads lips and translates to audio and/or text file.
169) iChoo - Fake sneeze and sniffle app so you can ask to leave work early.
170) iAmSquare - Take a few photos of a flat item (rug, lawn bare spot, wall with doors or windows, etc.) with dimensional reference (like a ruler, tape measure or an object of known length) and square area wizard will show edge of area to be calculated (allows for some manual adjustments), resolves paralax (if any) and calculates square area (square feet, square meters or yards of cloth with a given width).
171) LookARound - Take a photo of a bar menu and enter what people are drinking to get the cost of a round of drinks before you offer to buy one.
172) IsItBad4U - Photograph ingredients label and get information on bad outliers with ratings of how bad it is for you short term and long term.
173) IsItGood4U - Enter supplement name and manufacturer to get report on efficacy and test results and how such is measured.
174) IsItSo - App runs in background and allows fact check of highlighted text via right click.
175) iPS - Smart phone print screen app (saves any screen image including from apps that delete images after viewing).
176) iPSPro - Like iPS but also works on videos.
177) IsItU - Confirms origin of calls and text vs. caller ID.
178) iLatin - Simple to complex codes for your text messages that may or may not rely on receiver having app and/or may only decode on phone with certain phone number or S/N.
179) iColor - Adds reference on video or photo to clarify colors for red-green color blind people.
180) iMacular - Makes text easier to read for people with macular degeneration.
181) iTone - Change audio tone to lower or higher register to compensate for hearing loss.
182) iCrisp - Rate your apple or chip crispness with a bite near the mike.
183) iNail (or iClaw) - Scan your nails for advice on trimming them.
184) ChatSnap - Voice control for your phone's camera.
185) RealerV - Adds other senses to your VR experience (smells, mist, vibration, etc) like in a park ride.
186) iDiscGolf - Disc golf app (be careful not to let go of your phone during your flinging motions).
187) OddSlicer - Take photo of cake or pie (probably a pizza pie) and app gives suggestions on how to cut it into evenly weighted and iced (or edged) odd shapes.
188) iJigger - Enter your hand dimension metrics into app then photo a glass in your hand and app will show you approximate fluid ounce lines on the glass image.
189) iMeniscus - Take close-up photo of a glass of water and app determines purity of water from meniscus shape.  If liquid is water and alcohol it calculates alcohol concentration.
190) IDCheck - Scans driver's license to roughly determine its authenticity.
191) CounterfeitStopper - Scan currency to roughly determine its authenticity.
192) iCarat - Scans jewelry on a dimensional grid and estimates gem weight(s).
193) eDataAltControlDelete - Back-up server to more than one remote server with time delays and communication and control vectors that are safely alternative to the original (i.e. phone lines, ATM lines, and/or dedicated hard wire lines.  By putting a server saving into lockdown it is preserved if/when a ransom virus or other virus is detected on the original.  Note date stamp and data in back-up must remain frozen and secure.  Architecture of saved data must allow for parsing out of time delay mal-ware.
194) iGroceryScanner - Scans UPS codes including those at scales and produce signs for continuous price information and later use in home pantry database (perhaps with smart refrigerator).
195) iAmADog - Maybe Iams might make a dog food that changes gradually over a cycle so that a dog likes the basic flavors but also likes the changes.  It might have beef and chicken flavor with no grain one month and then chicken and fish flavor with a grain the next month and maybe vegetable content would change somewhat too from bag to bag.  This might also be more healthful for a dog considering Plato's "everything in moderation" opinion.
196) OhMyBattery - Phone complains about battery discharge at appropriate times (like when you approach or leave a car or PC (or Apple).
197) MoeLarryTheCheese - App remembers which cheeses you liked and which you despise.  Potentially applies to other smelly or gamey appetizers.  Option for memorable pairings.
198) iMShaky - Movement alarm for your phone only avoided or silenced if you shake it correctly when you pick it up.
199) iBall - Scan your eyes to record and trend allergy inflamation.
200) iAmPrepared - Routinely reminds you to check emergency supplies against a check list.
301) iRetired (or iMFree) - Offers exciting opportunities for large groups of volunteers (from sifting archaelogic sands to massive 3D imaging to cookie bake-offs for charity)
302) iEinstein - What would Albert say app that...
303) iFermi - An everything electrical app that...
304) iBoole - An either or app for...
305) eUler - A natural application for...
306) iCu - Like Skype but allows multiple video and audio inputs (with optional participant image size and volume controls).
307) iRelic - Take 3D images of shards and the app will piece them together into the most likely assembly.
308) Spitter - Like Twitter but more vulgar.
309) SnackChat - Like SnapChat but with more goodies.
310) iMatter - App allows user to specify custom gym/yoga mats with shape, color, print, size, thickness and texture (based on availability from cooperative suppliers, cutters and printers).
311) iCoop - Allows collection of home grown fruit by vetted app users.  Requires growers to agree to some safe grow protocols and to take minor risk to trees from harvest.  Growers are either compensated monetarily or with a share of harvest.
312) iDigIt - Dig alert ap
313) CanUDigIt - Come get free dirt ap (dug up by Diesel fans)
314) iDon'tMind - Find day care ap
315) iMelt - Steel foundry ap
316) iMolt - Free feathers ap
317) iMalt (or iJerk) - Find an icecreamery ap
318) iLetIt - silently apologizes for farting.
319) ii - translates mariner language into plain English
320) iPsi - tracks your car tire air pressure
321) iPhi - tracks i-music quality to confirm proper service is provided
322) iNu - what's new on the Internet
323) iMu - ap makes cow sounds
324) iRho - find fellow rowing enthusiasts to plan outings
325) iXi - chicken crossing the road jokes
326) iTtotal - Take a photo of a bottle lable and distiller, type, volume and potency are saved.  Take periodic photos and the app uses strapping tables to record and report your alcohol intake.
327) iFunktion - funk DJ in an app
328) iIi - mild oaths in various languages
329) iCantGetUp - app helps you learn to dance
330) i-eye-flux-system:
331)  i-lux - solar panels that attach to surfaces and to battery packs and power users
332)  i-com - data tranceivers (bluetooth and/or wifi)
333)  i-emit - light emitters that facilitate reading bar codes and solids shapes
334)  i-eyes - video cameras that read bar codes, allow solids recognition, etc.
335)  i-sense - senses position, temperature, temperature variation, strain, radar, etc.
336)  i-hear - acoustic sensors (including toilet seat mount to roughly track urination)
337)  i-ware - smart cups, bowls, plates, refrigerators, etc. that facilitate sensing contents, volume
338)  i-flux - incorporates sensor data to track consumption and elimination including calculated sweat
339)  i-diet - uses sensor info obtained in refrigerator along with movement tracking and association with container position to facilitate tracking consumption
340) i-tongs is Aerial Reconasance with Barbeque Tongs.  Let's call it super tongs that relate position and angle within a tong shaped boundary.  With sensors in the tongs one might hand wave an aerial target as friend or foe with a wave of the hand.  The tongs should fit into a holster of reasonable size.  The tongs should have indicators for health, power, effectiveness, efficiency, durability and effacacy.
341) i-speak-dog: What if Alexa learned to record and analyze dog sounds, movements and postures?  How many different dog vacalizations and pantomines are there?  Could a dog talk to Alexa?  Might Alexa parrot a dog and learn to communicate something with s/he?
342) Pizza Bowl - Not an app but a new food sensation.  All of the pizza components are cooked perfectly and separately so as to reduce grease and fat and enhance flavor.  The components are mixed in a bowl and served hot.  Yum.
343) iTags - Low power, long life electronic tags that you stick on boxes or objects when you store them so that you can find them later with a companion sensor (x feet range).
344) - Electronic dating service for dogs (dog walkers, etc.).
345) eDogs - Just pics of feet that users vote on for beauty, ugliness and/or novelty.
346) ePlantDoctor - Schedule a botanist to come see your garden (pest and nutrient investigation and remedy recommendations).  Rate your experience.
347) i4th - Rat out exuberant fireworks neighbors anonymously with videos that are automatically rated for hazard and/or nuisance and properly reported to authorities.
348) iBeach - Current beach conditions and parking info from users.
349) iParks - Like iBeach but for popular National Parks.
350) iHum - Checklist for your garden flowers preferred by hummingbirds.  Add to photos, commentary and floral scent descriptions.
351) - Tools, tips and cleansers for underarms and body hair (shaver handle extensions for back hair, underarm hair photo guides and discrete guides for other hair cutting and/or grooming, and cleansers specifically designed to remove left over underarm deodorants and antiperspirants to prevent build-up and mitigate rashes - call it Sous-le-Nettoyant).
352) iDogPark - Share your dog park schedule securely with trusted friends.  Helps coordinate schedules for canine companions.  Securely store your dogs'  likes, dislikes and/or conflicts (amongst circle of dog park friends).
353) iBall - Technical aids for playing basketball: gloves with articulating talons so anyone can palm the ball, surround vision goggles so you have eyes in the back of your head, e-coach that reminds yo how to rotate, show and/or slide on defense, and cross hairs in the goggle at a good virtual distance to aid in aiming passes and shots.
354) GrapesOfWrap - This device lines up grapes, cherry tomatoes and other little round items for cutting.  It is shaped like a comb but thicker and with increasing radius grooves on the underside that narrow towards the handle end. You put a bunch of loose grapes on the cutting board, roll them around under this device until several are held in the grooves and then pass your knife through the grooves to bisect them (so that they can be easily speared by a fork).
355) iGrass - Eyes grass color and increases or decreases automated sprinkling duration depending on browness.
356) iGetIt - Explains jokes.
357) iWantIt - Christmas list.
358) iVeHadIt - Sickness record.
359) AyeAye - Nautical terminology.
360) eEk - Schedule spooky sounds emissions from phone or speaker(s).
361) Yi(L)p - Like Yelp but from a doggie's point of view.
362) iCe - Examines gem stones using camera and gives probability of genuineness and/or quality (with error range).
363) iHeat - Estimates flame temperature from color.
364) iChill - Alarm for chilling beverages in freezer (requires freezer temperature input).
365) iVest - Provides notices associated with market trends and asset allocations.
366) iBridge - Electronic contract bridge bidding and playing guide.
367) iCheatAtChess - Listens for chess move announcements and discretely suggests moves via earbud.
368) iAmOdd - Provides gambling odds (blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, etc.).
369) iAmEven - Checks that your haircut is okay.
370) iAmNot - Provides street parking guide, including temporary and permanent no parking zones (uses volunteered info).
371) IsItSteep - Provides road grade info using Google map coordinates.
372) iKnowYou (or iNoU) - Add biometric and/or facial recognition data to personal database via Ring or other video security system to facilitate electronic detection and announcement of visitors (i.e. "it's neighbor George" or "large male at door is not recognizable").
373) eFlea - App generates ultrasonic sound to drive fleas away from pets.  Just run your Bluetooth speaker over your pet's coat and watch the fleas flee.
374) iBike - Simple bike sharing app that incorporates electronic lock-up with location coordinates of bike.
375) iDrive - Like iBike but for cars.
376) iMsober - App judges your sobriety and can be linked to locks and/or car ignitions.
377) iPilot - Like iDrive but for planes.
378) iBattery - Facilitates purchase of shared of car or bike batteries (requires removable batteries).
379) iChargeUp - Faciitates rental of personal car charging station(s).
380) iMfree - Facilitates friendship circle of sober drivers.
381) iCanWait - Like Uber for private party workers.
382) iFore - Anybody for golf ?  Includes handicaps.
383) iNet - Anyone for tennis?  Includes local rankings.
384) iLet - Rooms for rent and tenant ratings.
385) iTenerary - Plan and record travel, site seeing, acquaintances and escapades (with ratings).
386) iPrate - Comment on talk shows.
387) eStopPaws - Automatically negates keyboard entries from attention seeking kitties (requires low-res camera aimed at keyboard area).
388) iCatHouse - Robotically fabricated custom rubberized mats for protecting floor and wall joints from pet urine intrusion.  Enter floor width and length and wall heights including option for wall height transition for corner installation with mat peak height at corner.
389) iDogHouse - App reminds spouse of errant ways that led to doghouse exile and forecasts duration of stay.
390) eGad - Teaches you how to sound like an Englishman (select from various shires).
391) iPretend - App talks to you on your speakerphone like you really have a friend and a busy schedule to attend to.
392) BottleSweater - Tube-sock-like cover for sports bottle that insulates and mitigates sweat/condensation from dripping on gym floor.  Also suitable for holding sunglasses, etc.
393) SportWings - Slip over shoulders and control from cords on front to position in neutral or arm to body webbing for channeling wind on a bicycle or (for advanced set) for ski jumping.  Cords are attached to web midpoint to pull up into armpit or down into a wing or sail shape.
394) iProduce - Share info on good meat, fruit and vegetables (let's not let the good stuff go to rot while we get stuck with stuff that's picked so green it will never truly ripen or so tough you can't eat it).
395) iWasteNot - reminders for energy conservation
396) instaCleanPot - Like InstantPot but cleans itself.
397) iCopy - Point camera at other test takers for answers.
398) iAlibi - Intermittant location data and photos to prove where you were.
399) iAliBaba - Track price changes on AliBaba and alert if price drops below your threshold on interesting items.
400) iBabalu (or iCarumba) - I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz trivia.

401) iHumBug - Automated hummingbird feeder uses solar power to fill feeder with sugar water and to clean the feeder periodically.
402) iBat - Sound isolating ear buds with external microphones and low powered subsonic speakers that allow echo location (optionally enhanced with radar) with controls for voiced topology input over music or other audio input to ear buds.
403) iDegress - Alert sounds when you stray too far off of subject/topic during conversation.